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Internships at International Criminal Court

The Court principally selects candidates for the Internship and Visiting Professional placements by way of selection rounds or campaigns, inviting applications for placements within a specified
period. Occasionally and separately from the aforementioned selection campaigns, one of the participating Organs of the Court may place a special call for application, for a specific Internship or Visiting Professional placement(s) usually requiring a particular skills set or period of availability.
There are three Organs of the Court participating in the Court’s Internship and Visiting Professional Programme namely the Presidency and Chambers, Office of the Prosecutor and the Registry. Details of the placements available within each of the Organs and the current selection rounds/campaigns are listed under the links below.
Please note, candidates may only apply to one of the three Organs at any one time.

* Presidency and Chambers
* Office of the Prosecutor
* Registry

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