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MTN Nigeria has started the 1000 naira, 30 days 100mb data browsing/bundle. You can browse on your phone for a whole month with just 1000 naira. It’s quite cheap and better than relying on mtn free browsing. With this initiative, mtn has joined the likes of Glo,Etisalat, and Zain in providing cheap internet access to their subscribers.

MTN also added a weekly internet bundle (limited to 25MB) going for N400 and a daily internet plan (limited to 10MB) going for N100. MTN has also dropped pay as you go browsing to 5kobo/kb from 15kobo/kb. N1,000 monthly internet bundle is likely to be a big relief for MTN subscribers in Nigeria. It is also the best response yet by MTN to free internet cheats on their network, as we believe that only affordable internet access will curb the proliferation of free internet cheats.
Getting MTN 100MB Internet

The first step is to ensure you have the appropriate MTN internet setting loaded on your mobile phone or modem. To get MTN internet settings, text Settings to 3888. An SMS containing your MTN internet settings will be sent to your mobile phone or modem. Save this setting. Load your mobile phone with at least N1,000. To activate the new MTN N1,000 100MB internet bundle, text 106 to 131. Text 2 to 131 to check your data usage.
It is most suited for phones

The MTN 100MB internet bundle is targeted at users browsing with mobile phones. Hence, MTN has put it in its mobile internet plan. Note the MTN 100MB internet bundle can be used with internet modems for browsing on a computer, but its limited data limit makes it mostly suited to browsing directly on mobile phones.

MTN 100MB internet plan is not for users who do lots of downloads and uploads. Remember that once you use up your 100MB internet access allocation, even if it is just 3 hours after you activated, your internet access will be deactivated. So, if your monthly data need is high, go for another internet bundle.

Two other internet bundles where also unveiled by MTN for mobile internet browsing, they are

MTN Daily Internet: this mobile internet bundle offers 24 hours browsing limited to 10MB data usage for N100. To activate the MTN daily internet bundle text 104 to 131.

MTN Weekly Internet: this mobile internet bundle offers 7 days browsing limited to 25MB data usage for N400. To activate the MTN daily internet bundle text 105 to 131.

The first GSM Network to offer N1,000 24/7 monthly internet bundle was Zain, followed by Etisalat and a couple of weeks ago by Glo mobile. MTN is the last to join the pack. So, say Yello to MTN.

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