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Recognition of the Interim Joint Matriculation Board

The INTERIM JOINT MATRICULATION BOARD (IJMB) conducts standardized tests/examinations in various fields. The Board has offices in many parts of the country. The Board has carved for itself local and global recognition and acceptability.

The Interim Joint Matriculation Board is registered in line with the existing laws of the Federal Government of Nigeria. The objects for which the board are registered is

* To provide an alternative as well as an effective opportunity for out-of-school candidates and school drop outs to study as well as to take the interim Joint Matriculation Board examinations for the purposes of being better prepared to:

o Enter into the employment market for better jobs and
o Take advantage of opportunity of admission to tertiary and higher educational institutions both within and outside Nigeria towards self fulfillment and National development.

* Taking cue from past experience of the existing examination bodies in Nigeria and the far overseas to put in place appropriate strategies and measures to combat, contain and eliminate the rampant incidence of existing examination malpractices in order to restore public confidence and credibility for public examination.

* To operate in Nigeria, as a sister examination body to the existing outfits.

* To enter into arrangements with any Federal Ministry of Education recognized Polytechnics/Universities/Institution(s) in Nigeria for the purpose of conducting tests/examinations in the INTERIM for the admissions into tertiary institutions in Nigeria.

Type of Examinations

The Board conducts (Ordinary & Advanced Levels) Examinations and is useful for admissions into Tertiary Institutions. IJMB examinations come up twice in every year; March and September. Examination centres cover South, North East and North Central Nigeria. Schools that want to be part of our examination centres are welcomed.

Acceptance of Candidates with IJMB Qualifications into Colleges, Polytechnics, Universities, Institutions.

IJMB is an international examination body, which has spread to the nooks and crannies of the world; with approvals, recognition, and registration from various department of education, various ministries of education, the certificates are of international recognition. Therefore we do not expect any institution or establishment to turn down our certificate for any reason. Please mail us for the current list of those thaat accept IJMB.

The IJMB is listed as the basic entry requirement by the various boards in various countries, institutions.

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