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JAMB UTME e-registration portal is at To access the JAMB UTME portal for e-registration, you need a scratch card sold for N4,600 at leading banks, Post offices and JAMB offices through out Nigeria. The JAMB UTME Scratch card contains a serial number and your PIN, two vital information you require for your UTME e-registration. UTME 2011 registration will also require a finger print scanner.
Example is shown below:

JAMB has introduced a new process for 2011 UTME registration. UTME 2011 registration requires a biometric scanner. The biometric scanner (finger print reader) will be used to capture the left and right thumbs of the candidates. Candidates are advised to make sure a finger print reader is available on the computer they intend using for their JAMB UTME 2011 registration as their finger print (left and right thumb) will be read before they can sign-up for a UTME account, which is the first step in the registration process.

Another new requirement for registering for JAMB UTME 2011 is that the computer you use for your registration must have the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) installed. This is because the application that runs the Jamb UTME 2011 registration portal is based on Java programming language. Minimum of JRE 1.6 is required. Java JRE can be downloaded free on the internet, if it is not already on your system (about 10MB).

Make sure to read the instructions at the registration website before commencing your registration. The JAMB UTME 2011 Brochure is built-into the portal making it easy to search for details of your Jamb UTME courses of choice.

How to register for utme 2011

Once you buy your JAMB UTME scratch card, the next thing to do is to visit the JAMB UTME 2011 e-registration portal. The UTME 2011 registration portal is at Make sure a finger print reader is available on the computer before commencing registration.

If you are an absolutely new user (i.e. you have not signed up a JAMB UTME 2011 account), use the Sign Up module with the Sign Up (New Users) heading.
Look up the serial number and PIN on your JAMB UTME 2011 scratch card and enter them in the appropriate field in the Sign Up Module. If you registered for JAMB UTME 2010 (last year), the JAMB UTME portal will automatically fetch some of your registration details for JAMB UTME 2010 if you fill-in the UTME 2010 Reg No. (if available field) field. If validation of your JAMB UTME scratch card PIN is successful, you will then be required to scan your left and right thumbs.

Once that is complete you can then proceed to creating your UTME 2011 account. You will create a username and password for logging in to the JAMB UTME 2011 portal. These username and password will be used for subsequent visits to the portal. If your username is not unique, you will be required to choose another one.

Once your JAMB UTME 2011 account is created, the registration page will load for you to commence your UTME 2011 registration. At this point, you can either logout or continue your registration. If you choose to log-out, you can continue your JAMB UTME registration by logging in with the username and password you created in the sign up process. This time you use the Log in Module. Note that subsequent visits to the JAMB UTME portal will no-longer require a fingerprint scanner, but JRE will still be required on the computer.

Before registering for JAMB UTME 2011, make sure you have your information ready. It is advisable to download the JAMB UTME 2011 form template, print a hard copy and fill, then go online and fill the online UTME registration form. Make sure to go through the online brochure at the portal to be sure you enter the right UTME subjects for your chosen course. You should also have an electronic copy of your passport sized photo ready on your computer or flash drive. An electronic copy of your passport can be made through a scanner. You can also capture directly with a digital camera.

Make sure the photo is recent, clear, and of the right size and not more than 15 kiobyte. Test the validity of your passport using the facility provided in the JAMB UTME portal. If your passport is flagged, re-size it using Microsoft photo editor. Note that the picture must also be in jpeg format.

After completing your UTME 2011 registration form, click on submit to complete the registration. Note that once you click submit, your data will be sent to JAMB and at this point you will no longer be able to edit it. You will then be issued a JAMB UTME registration number and examination number, make sure you memorise this number or at least write it down somewhere. You can print your UTME Slip. The UTME Slip can be printed at anytime, just login to print.

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