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Reservoir Geologist Jobs in Nigeria at Total Exploration and Production Company

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Reservoir Geologist Jobs in Nigeria at Total Exploration and Production Company

Job Type

Company : Tepng

Contract : permanent position   (local)

Branch : Exploration Production

Location : Nigeria – Lagos Or Phc

Interviews will take place in : Port-Harcourt

Starting date : As soon as possible

Salary : According to profile and experience

Job description

-Participate in the realization of the most appropriate studies and geological models that will make it possible to evaluate reserves of discoveries and proven reservoirs.
-Ensure the geological consistency of dynamic models.
-Carry out reservoir appraisal and development, in terms of geology and in interaction with geophysics.
-Follow up of specialists and dedicated teams involved in geological studies for the asset.
-Take part in the estimation of the Group’s reserves.
-Guarantee compliance with professional area codes of practice.
-Be part of a team representing Reservoir Geology in an affiliate and/or with partners.

-Analyze and Validate geological data together with the Operation Geologists
-Implement the consistency of specialist studies
-Conduct the quality of static data syntheses
-Participate to the conception of geological models and to the static and dynamic data syntheses
-Estimate and quantify uncertainties
-Participate in the development of dynamic models and Ensure the geological consistency of the dynamic model
-Ensure the assessment of volumes in place and related uncertainties
-Ensure the development of reference field databases
-Take part in delineation or development scheme programmes. Define, the reservoir domain, related study and/or acquisition programmes
-Follow up deadlines and objectives
-Represent the 2G in technical meetings with partners (occasionnal)
-Submit results to ad hoc internal committees
The jobholder ensures and quality controls the integration of geological data in the G & G studies and databases
-Participate to the quality of the geological work leading to reliable static modelling as input in field evaluation.
-Participate to the follow up of drilling, log data acquisition and interpretation. Must be proactive when required.
Must work with the latest tools and methods and stay on top of new emerging technology.

Required skills


BSc , MSc in geology


At least 3 years experience


Strong communication with other disciplines (geophysics, reservoir, drilling and operations).


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