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Gulder Ultimate Search Season 8

Touted as the most creative Nigerian generated reality television show, the Nigerian Breweries sponsored annual Gulder Ultimate Search announced the commencement of its eighth instalment last week. The details which were unveiled at a press briefing held at the Lagos Brewery Bar last week, reveals that the organizers are not only infusing a new twist to the show, but have also upped the cumulative prizes for this 2011 edition which now stands in excess of N30 million. Also, this 2011 instalment will accommodate 30 contestants, 18 more than the previous edition did.

Almost immediately this announcement was made, the show started trending on different micro blogging sites and other online social network platforms. It received over five thousand thumbs up within the first 48 hours on Facebook while it also got numerous mentions on twitter. With the previous editions trailed with news of massive applications, it is hard not to see a repeat for this year’s instalment.

In lieu of employment

Patric Kayode, a persistent applicant for two years now, reveals he still has intentions of applying in for this next edition.

“I will apply again and hopefully I will get in this time,” the Electrical Engineering HND holder from Kwara State Polytechnic said.

He attributes his doggedness to both his unemployed status as well as general likeness for adventures.

“If I have a steady job, I might not apply again but now I believe it is cut out for me because I love adventures and I can excel there to win enough money to help me start up something on my own,” Patrick said.

Over the past seven years, the show has enriched a couple of Nigerians with an initial star prize of N5 million, which has been upped to N7.5 Million with a N500,000 wardrobe allowance and a N10 million SUV automobile, it is no wonder Nigerian youths desire to play in the game.

A fair game

Although since its inception it has been open to both male and female participants, it has never been won by a female. Many believe the physicality of the game makes it difficult for females to compete with males for the star prize.

Ita Bassey, senior brand manager for Gulder however dismisses the notion that a lady cannot win the show. According to him, the organizers do not only believe in gender equality, he also reveals that the many tasks arranged for participants are structured in a way that doesn’t give advantage to any gender in particular.

“The tasks are either physical, mental or requires a lot of stamina,” Bassey said. He admits the men may appear to be at an advantage in the physical aspects of the game, but stressed that the mental tasks, which have been proven to be the females’ forte over the years, will help maintain balance and competitiveness.

“We are also motivating the ladies with the special N1 million prize for the last female in the game, this is not because we don’t expect them to win the game but to ensure that they are motivated to remain competitive although the game,” Yusuf Ageni, corporate affairs adviser Nigerian Breweries added on how competitiveness is maintained across the genders.

The eighth instalment

The Gulder Ultimate Search season 8 is tagged ‘The Champion of Champions’ and will feature 30 participants, the first ten participant will get special prizes in order of their rank while the remaining will all receive a consolation prize of N150,000. The game will hold at the Egbetua Quarters Ososo Mountain in Edo state, a location Bassey said is best suited to the theme of this edition.

“We are at a stage where different state governors are inviting us to bring the game to their states but we have to choose locations that best suits our theme,” Bassey explained.

Screening and selection will be done regionally in Lagos, Owerri, Benin and Abuja at the close of the Internet registration process on Friday August 19, 2011.

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