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Naija Sings:Season 3 With A Few Changes

The musical talent show, Naija Sings, is back for a third season and has brought a few changes. It isn’t so much about changing the recipe as much as changing the cooks/chefs. The basic concept of having three judges (two local celebrities at zonal auditions) plus one resident judge is still very much in place.

As we’ve seen with the two previous seasons, these local celebrities who may be musicians or on air personalities come in all forms. You’ll either love or don’t love them. In Ibadan, one of the judges (JayRu, I think) began by telling one hopeful performer: ‘That was pretty amazing but…’ then finishing with words to the effect: ‘Keep it up’. What exactly is this person supposed to keep up, the performance that had a big BUT even though it was ‘pretty amazing’?

The biggest change is the rotation of Olisa Adibua, who was the presenter in the last two seasons. He is now the resident judge replacing Tosin Martins. As far as that goes, Olisa appears to be taking his time to properly open up and assert his professional authority as resident judge. The other additions are Darey, who’s presenting but has had this role shrunk with the inclusion of Denrele Edun as backstage host – a role Olisa combined with presenting. Perhaps, this is just as well as the eccentric Denrele can be like salt to be taken in small quantity. Darey, on the other hand, weve not seen enough of. I’d have loved to see either of these personalities handle both roles.

The ‘live’ shows are still ahead. For now, you can catch Naija Sings on Mnet West on Sundays and Wednesdays.

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