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DEPARTMENT: Technical Services
DATE PUBLISHED: Sep 19, 2011
CLOSING DATE: Oct 3, 2011
The Project Engineer oversees mechanical/process engineering activities associated with Gaslink’s pipeline construction and other projects.  The position incumbent is responsible for determining the project scope and costing for civil/electrical/mechanical/process work related to the pipeline construction effort, and develops specific project plans for ensuring construction efforts are realised within time and budget specifications.  Each sub-team’s work programme and costing scenarios are fed into the overall construction programme after due synchronisation and approvals.
In addition, the Construction Engineer manages additions and/or modifications to original plans and design considerations, and also supervises the actual mechanial/process construction work, ensuring adherence to design elements and safety features.


Provides needed specialised mechanical/process engineering support to the Construction Manager with respect to the identification of pipeline design issues, operational risk, and the resolution of attendant issues.
Provides management oversight for the development of integrated mechanical/process engineering blueprints and plans for the gas pipeline construction models.
Specifies the facilities required to assure the mechanial/process integrity of the pipeline system for existing and future operations and works with the Engineering Design Manager to ensure all necessary features are captured in designs and blueprints.


Develops and monitors mechanical/process engineering project plans and budgets.
Participates in periodic performance review sessions, and reports on construction status as may be necessary from time to time.
Manages the performance, career development, welfare and motivation of Technical Support Officers and other permanent/termed employees within the mechanical/process engineering team.
Performs other assigned duties as delegated by the Construction Manager from time to time.

Interfaces with the Engineering Design Manager to review existing facilities and develop conceptual process/mechanical designs for new pipelines/improvements to existing facilities.
Coordinates project information (studies, sketches, computations) for the process/mechanical engineering and construction of gas and pipeline facilities including equipment relocations and replacements, capacity additions, reliability and automation improvements.
Working within approved budget guidelines, ensures engineering designs and blueprints for the gas pipeline, ancillary equipment and AGIs capture safety, cost containment needs, business growth and effective utilisation of assets, product quality and throughput goals and objectives.


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