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Gulder Ultimate Search Season VIII Begins

Gulder Ultimate Search Season VIII

Since Its inception in 2004, the Gulder Ultimate Search has remained a leading reality show in Nigeria, and the only reality show with total local and indigenous content that seeks to promote the African culture.It’s one reality show that gets the youth eager to participate and to attest to that, a record of 26,000 entries were received this year. The Gulder Ultimate Search tagged the  “Contest Of Champions” will kick off this week, and it promises to be exciting and full of unexpected twists and game plans.

The Contest Of Champions

Gulder  Ultimate Search began in 2004, and has had various themes yearly. This year’s theme is titled “The Contest Of Champions”. Over the years,  Gulder Ultimate Search has produced 72 contestants and 7 ultimate winners, and it runs for only 21 days with only one anchor. However all these is set to change this year as it is going to be bigger and much more interesting.

The New Twists

Prior to this edition, the reality show only had 10 contestants, but this year, there would be 30 contenders in the gulder ultimate search VI  who will enter the camp in batches of 10 within a period of ten days each, and after a series of evictions, only 10 contestants will remain to embark on the “Contest of Champions”.Also  as against the previous 21 days spent in camp, this year’s contestants will spend three months starting from September to the 11th of December 2011.This year’s gulder ultimate search will also feature 2 anchors in persons of the top Nollywood actor Bob Manuel Udokwu who has been the anchor for five years running, and top music star Darey Art Alade. Both men would chart the course of the contest and constantly keep the contestants in check.

About Ososo Mountains

Gulder ultimate search is known to take contestants to experience life in the jungle and over the years, the contest had been held at various parts of the country like Lagos, Jos,Osun etc.. However this year, for the second time, the show is staged at Ososo Mountains in Edo State, about  two hours drive from  Benin City. Ososo is a rural community with pure natural vegetation and mountains. It is also the hometown of the Edo State Commissioner for Arts and Tourism, Mrs.Aenena Elizabeth Jemitola Inumidun

The Challenge

As always the core concept of the Gulder Ultimate Search is the  various tasks and challenges posed to the contestants. According to  the Task Master and Art Director, “This year’s tasks will be more challenging than the previous year, as we will be testing skill, strength,mental and physical stability and the team has also ensured a stand-by medical team that comprises of three doctors, 2 nurses and 1 paramedic

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