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EMMIR African- European Erasmus Mundus Master Scholarship in Migration Studies Applications 2012-2014

European Master in Migration and Intercultural Relations (EMMIR) African-European Erasmus Mundus Master Scholarship 2012/2014

European Master in Migration and Intercultural Relations (EMMIR) is the first African-European Erasmus Mundus Master Course in Migration Studies. EMMIR is jointly run by three African and four European universities, facilitated by a wider network of partners. Various associate organsiations on the regional, national and international level provide significant assistance for student internships and graduate’s employment.

EMMIR includes study periods in both, Europe and Africa.

EMMIR students become acquainted with different cultures and academic traditions and gain knowledge about migration issues in internships. Graduates will be awarded a joint degree by the EMMIR partner universities.

Application Requirements
The full application consists of the following:

  • Signed and dated print out of the automatic confirmation
  • Scanned copy of passport
  • CV
  • Statement of Purpose, clarifying your motivation to study the course (1 to 2 pages max.)
  • Certified copy of first university degree and other relevant degrees
  • Documentation of language proficiency
  • Other relevant documentation and references
  • All documents must be submitted in English. Documents which are not originally in English must be accompanied by an authorised translation of the original.
  • Every single enclosed official document sent as part of the application must be certified as true copy. An official stamp with date and signature is required. In general, attestation by the local embassy, the police, a notary public or state or municipal administration agency is accepted.

Contact/Mailing Address
Please send your full application to
EMMIR Consortium Committee
c/o University of Oldenburg
Dr. Lydia Potts
School of Linguistics and Cultural Studies
Ammerländer Heerstr. 114-118
26111 Oldenburg
For sending your application package we strongly advise to use a service that allows you to track the delivery in order to make sure that your application is received within the deadline 31 January 2012.

Application Deadline
The deadline for the submission of the online form is 31 December 2011.

How to Apply
The application form must be completed online. Please make sure that all personal information corresponds to the attached documents and certificates. You will receive a summary of all your application details automatically by the application system. This confirmation has to be printed out, dated and signed, and attached to the whole applications package including all the documentation required. Note that the whole application package has to be dispatched by courier or regular mail service within the deadline 31 December 2011 and has to arrive at the EMMIR Coordinator no later than 31 January 2012.
NB. The application process is only completed when the paper version of your application has arrived at the University of Oldenburg by 31 January 2012.

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