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First time in the history of Gulder Ultimate Search

For the first time in the history of Gulder Ultimate Search, the women are  dominating the reality TV show.The male folks are suddenly the minority, with only two of them remaining, while four of the five girls who entered in the first group of the GUS 8, are still waxing strong in the competition.

Samuel Lazarus and Franklin Inegbedion recently joined the the growing list of men who have been evicted from the show.The only female casuality has been Affram Oladunni who was evicted alongside Samuel same day.


For their second task, each contestant was required to couple a ladder with ropes, which they will use in reaching nine keys dangling on a pole nearby. They would then dissemble the ladder, carry it to another spot with another set of keys dangling on poles and then repeat the routine again.Though nine keys were placed on the placed on the first set of poles for each of the nine contestants, the second and the third poles had eight and seven keys respectively. Thus, two of the contestants would be left without keys.Each key was used in opening a box containing flags.

Samuel became the first casuality and opted not to continue with the task, when he would not assemble his ladder. He was however urged by Bob Manuel Udokwu , the show anchor, to complete the task, despite the fact that he trailed the others. He was eventually evicted as he could not get hold of the key.

Ola, the only female evicted thus far, was also unsuccessful in her attempt to complete the task, thus her GUS 8 journey came to an end. Fate dealt a terrible blow on Franklin, just as mother luck shone on Betty in the third task of GUS 8.Each of the contestants was required to fetch water from a stream using small bowls and pour the water into buckets located a few meters up-stream. Each bucket had flags tied to a stick. As the water in the bowl increased, the stick rose until the flag tied to the end of the stick was at full mast.

Just 24 hours earlier, Franklin emerged as a clear winner in Episode five’s tricky task. This  earned him a matchbox which the contestant used in cooking after starving for three days. Even though they were provided a basketful of food items in the episode three, they could not cook because they could not make fire.

Franklin also had in possession the Pyramid of Pharaoh Ramses. Which Bob Manuel said, contained a special key, which the contestants would make use of as the show progressed. He emerged the de facto boss of the camp.

At the end of the task, Franklin’s flag remained on the ground while the remaining six flags of the contestants stood at full mast. Bob Manuel  announced his eviction on the spot. His hopes of progressing in the game were dashed.

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