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I Will Fight NDLEA:Baba Suwe

Counsel to Nigerian comedy actor, Babatunde Omidina, commonly called Baba Suwe, Mr Bamidele Aturu, yesterday, said his client has no case with National Drug Law Enforcement Agency, NDLEA, vowing to fight the abuse of his client’s fundamental rights.

Addressing newsmen in Lagos, yesterday, Aturu said: “This is not a Baba Suwe’s fight, but a fight to bring the narcotic agency to questioning on how they carry out their scanning.

It is a fight against the abuse of the peoples’ fundamental rights. In other countries, where people respect the law and have proper perspective of what they do, nobody would allow people to be detained, humiliated and refused access to even his lawyer until some days after going to court.

Baba-Suwe”]during the Press conference, on Alh. Babatund Omidina case with National Drug Law Enforcement Agency – NDLEA, in Lagos. Yesterday. Photo by Bunmi Azeez”]

As a matter of fact, a foreign newspaper carried it that the detention of Nigeria’s ace comedian was a joke and I took it even as a joke.

“We are going to use this case to ask questions about the integrity of those in NDLEA and their obsolete scanning machines. It is possible that they (NDLEA) use quacks as consultants or obsolete machines. We are even helping the NDLEA.”

The personnel may not have had adequate training. We need to know how much is voted for this agency, whether the capital of vote for NDLEA is less than N100 million.”

He said as far as the court was concerned, Baba Suwe case is closed.

And he also called on Federal Government to check on the activities of NDLEA, noing: “An agency that will release people on a bail for N200 million, when these people make billions of naira, then something must be wrong.”

He pointed out that the first report from the conducted test contradicted the latter test. “The October 28, 2011 report contradicted the earlier one, which said that his stomach showed no foreign body seen within it.”

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