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Polythenic Graduates Drive The Economy

At the  27th convocation ceremony and 40th anniversary of The Polytechnic, Ibadan, held at the Assembly Hall of the institution on Wednesday, Osun State governor, Mr Rauf Aregbesola said the time has come to take a critical look at polytechnic education, before considering the direction it should go, adding that,  No level of education has been as controversial and unstable in the country as the polytechnic. “Its emergence, role and future have been dogged by controversy but no one can deny the huge contribution the polytechnic has made to manpower development of this country,” he stated.

Aregbesola, speaking on a topic entitled “Polytechnic education in Nigeria: The shape of things to come,” was represented by the chairman, Osun State Tourism and Industrialisation, Mr Abimbola Daniyan.

“In the beginning, these institutions pulled their weight and indeed were the crucible of technical education and skills acquisition in the country. It is regrettable, however, that the debate on parity with university graduates and the general competition with universities have overshadowed the greater issue of the relevance and importance of polytechnics.”

According to him, polytechnics were established to provide technical manpower.  He said, “If this vision had been well executed, it would have significantly solved the problem of youth unemployment.”

“Secondly, it would have been the hub of Nigeria’s technological and economic development.  Imagine for a second if all the graduates of polytechnics have acquired specific and advanced skills in the courses studied, making them super-ready for the job market and if the artisans and tradesmen acquired this education, what impact this would have on the nation’s development?

“One, it would have meant that polytechnic graduates would hardly need formal employment since they themselves are employers at the ready.  Secondly, the quality of technical services they are providing would have been very compared to what obtains presently.  Thirdly, development and competition at this level would have stimulated research and advances in science and technolology.

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