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Bomb Explosion At Kaduna Kills 12

BARELY a day after the Arewa Consultative Forum (ACF) Peace Conference ended in Kaduna, the popular Oriapata in the city centre was, on Wednesday, turned into a gory spectacle, as suspected suicide bombers detonated a bomb, killing 12 people, including two children.

Several other people sustained severe injuries with two people believed to be in intensive care; one of them having sustained first degree burns. Several other people were believed to have been buried under the rubble.

About 12 houses and 11 shops were affected in the adjourning streets in the dense commercial and residential area.

Two of the victims were immediately rushed to Rakiya Hospital, while two other victims were taken to an undisclosed hospital in town. The corpses of the victims had been deposited at the Barau Dikko Specialist Hospital.

According to eyewitnesses, the bomb which was allegedly timed to explode at 9.17 a.m., was conveyed in an army green Honda motorcycle on the Ogbomosho Road towards the Ogbomosho West side. One of the two people on the motorbike suddenly threw the contraption believed to be a time bomb at house No 32, Ogbomosho road.

The bomb immediately exploded, destroying the building and the shops, killing and maiming shop owners and residents of the houses. One of the eyewitnesses, Fabian Uzorchukwu, a shop owner who sells auto spare parts in the area said he was outside when the explosion rocked the area.

Fabian said: “I was standing outside my shop when I saw two people coming on a motorcycle. Then the person at the back of the motorcycle threw the bomb at the shop. I fell down and immediately ran inside my shop but the roof of the shop fell on me and I managed to crawl outside again.

“One of the two people on the motorcycle died immediately, but the other person, who was carrying the bomb lost an arm and also sustained first degree burns. He started running down the street crying for help before he was rushed to hospital. Four generators in front of the shop also created some sparks, killing three people working on it (Wisdom, Ebuka and a 16-year-old boy). We lost many people, Festus Ugu lost three of his boys.

“Properties worth millions of naira were destroyed. In my shop alone, I lost goods worth N5 million. So, considering the contents of other shops, hundreds of millions naira worth of properties were lost.”

One trader named Onyeka was also believed to have been killed by the explosion.

Another eyewitness, Abdul told the Nigerian Tribune that he was outside his shop, where he sells auto spare parts when he saw the motorcycle. “There were two people on the motorcycle; the man, riding it a heavily built  man and a younger man who carried a carton containing the bomb. The bomb must have been a time-bomb because they suddenly threw it away towards the shop after it has started sparking, killing the rider of the motorcycle while the passenger sustained burns and had one of his arms cut.

“Some of the residents who died might have been saved if the rescue operation started earlier. There was a lady, Khadijat, whose brother was to get married next week. She was trapped in the rubble and was receiving call for up to 20 minutes before her phone was no more available. Her corpse was later brought out from under the rubble.”

Sunday Anigbogu was lucky to be alive as he was inside his shop when the device exploded. Onyeka, who he was talking to, was trapped under the rubble and died but he was able to crawl out from under the ceiling which caved in on him.

He said: “I was speaking to Onyeka, who was inside the shop when I heard the explosion. I raised up my hand, which was what saved me as the ceiling caved in on my hand, then I managed to crawl outside. But Onyeka was trapped inside (and was later confirmed to have died).”

Immediately after the explosion, armed soldiers, police, the SSS, Federal Road Safety Corps, Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps, Red Cross arrived at the scene, while fire fighters from Kaduna State Emergency Management Agency (SEMA) kept battling with the fire that engulfed the scene.

Several human parts which littered the place were packed inside bodybag

source: Nigerian Tribune

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