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Ghana To Sell Electricity To Nigerians

Ghana’s  Vice President, Mr John Dramani Mahama, said that his country has concluded plans to export power to Nigeria by 2015.He unfolded the plan in Accra, on Tuesday, saying that  the government is putting everything in place to make it a dream come true.

Mahama explained that the motivating factor was that the neighbouring countries are still  lacking adequate power supply including Nigeria with  an estimated 150 million people.

Mr John Dramani Mahama, who spoke at a summit on Millennium Challenge Account (MCA) Compact Two in Accra, said the country intends to strengthen its existing energy infrastructures by exploring alternative sources of supply, including solar power and biomass resources, to ensure that the target of selling power to other West African countries was achieved by the next four years.

Ghana intends to raise its electricity generation from 2000 Megawatts to 5000 Megawatts thereby exporting the excess to other neighbouring countries including Nigerian.

It would be recalled that Ghana has one of the largest dams in the world had in 2009 celebrated her ten years of uninterrupted power supply. Authoritative sources say that the Akosombo Dam built by late President Kwame  Nkrumah has the potential to supply the entire West Africa with electricity if fully utilized.

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