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There is no yet any clue on when the current ASUU strike is going to end. Two meetings so far have been held between the FG and ASUU without any concrete solution or even a compromise.

There has been no serious commitment from the government yet. A source craving anonymity said: “What the government is interested in is endless negotiations. Negotiations have been on over the years and we are talking now about non-implementation of agreement reached in 2009. So, I wonder what we should be negotiating. Well, any time they call us for a meeting, we will surely attend but we have not seen any seriousness yet.”

What ASUU wants now is for FG to meet their demands. I think they are fed up of compromises.

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  1. Haii we are tight to stay @home please fedaral goverment help us to settle with asuu before nigerian student organised protesting as in niger

  2. Asuu vs federal Govt. B4 7th january, make una cal off this strike oo! we don dey beg una now… Or else Nigeria students go vex ooo!

  3. Asuu!we are tired of stayn at home

  4. As a graduating student, becos of d strike , chances of my serving is under probablity. ASUU be reasonable

  5. fg should dialogue with asuu

  6. Just because fg dont have their children in nigeria,dats why all these are happening.

  7. Asuu should settle their differences with the fed govt before ending of 2011,or nija go be like gaddafi vs libya rebel

  8. Fg do something before student start their own.

  9. Pls let all of us be reasonable to solve this .firstly we have new governance and new leader dont you think we should give them from now to june 2011 before we act and also consider the losses during the election please i know u are fighting for ur right asuu but please extend it to june next year by gods grace the federal government will settle you also i am praying for each and every one of you.god bless u as you consider my words and adhere to it.thank a student of bayero university



  12. Cal dis yeye strike off or after xmas,we shal c ourselves(war b/w asuu,students nd FG). Unical student

  13. asuu did nt use deir brain very well bcos they would have settle dis issue b4 the election but FG used their brain. ASUU should agree wit FG n call off d strike cos dey will keep on negotiating.

    • Guy u are right absolutely.ASUU Would hv compare FG 2 implement d agreement b4 d last FG electn. ASUU did nt use dia brain well.

  14. I denounce the FG, they are irresponsible and untrustworthy while Asuu is intelligient not wise. Whatever, they should call of this strike b4 Dec ending, cos if they don’t, it’s gonna be cruel… ZEAL IHEDI

  15. ASUU pls stop negociating, those kids they call FG will not do anything concrete, pls help d students pls. UNICAL

  16. Asuu and please settle b4 the end of this year if not a negative consequences must be experience at 9ja.thank u k.u.s.t students

  17. ASUU,please cal off d strike before tired of gettin frustrated.UI,Ibadan.

  18. Asuu nd fed govt. Do smtin b4 we d greatest nigeria student start our own.

  19. Despite what the ASUU re fighting for, how sure is the ASUU in terms of implementing it?

    I just want you all to know that Rome was not build one day. Life is a gradual process.

    Well for the country, we don’t have government. We only have what we call the Elite and the non Elite.

    That is to say, things get better for some and get worse for others.

    My advice is that we should plan for a revolution.

    That is the solution to the conditions of the country, Nigeria.

    I greet you all.

    From Ambrose Alli University.

  20. It’s obvious dat d fg does nt hv us at hrt. Only wat pays dm lyk fuel subsidy, dey’r intrstn in. Nig educatn, na God go hlp us.

  21. Am tired of staying at home pls fed.govt do smtin

  22. asuu pls u guyz shuld calloff d strike muan. A student of unilag

  23. Both asuu nd Fg are greedy,their interest is just 2 punish d poor students.UNICAL

  24. FG una no dey try. I pray dat d govt of those countries una children dey wil make them suffer and extend their years in school just as u guys are doing to us!

  25. FG and ASUU They are one, because now all their children some are schooling in Ghana while others in Uk, now FG are not moved by the strike because it doesn’t affect their children likewise ASUU! We are the one suffering it, so ASUU what U are fighting for, wil not reduce our fees neither textbooks. But ur own selfish interest…

  26. It basically a forum 2 decay our tertiary institution…ASUU pls modify wt u ar agitating 4

  27. i just want u all to know that we don’t any Government in Naija. i think Jonathan was formerly a Lecturer? why is he suffering Asuu? however, my opinion is that he should settle asuu, so that the strike can be called off.

  28. Pls am tired of dis asuu strike o.govt do sometin before de end of dis year o.if not wahala go shele for naija o

  29. please fg we are pleading.go into compleate negosiation with asuu so we can all go back to the class room.the truth is that this strike has a negative inpact on the nation.

  30. This so unreasonable betweem f G/asuu,wt do d stand to gain.fg is jst being wicked and asuu selfish.imagin wt we passed through last year.studyin a semesta in 1 month.infact no undastand o.frank 4rum imsu

  31. fg it shal nt b well wit u all putting d poor masses in sufering eating our hard earn money,stoping us 4rm graduating when we ought to.may d cry of all d student mk u reap tyms 3 of wat u sowe.we want to go to skul

  32. Asuu and d FG want nofin cus all wot dey are doin is just to suffer we dat dnt av d previllege to study abroad cus al their children are not here so dey are just been selfish and stone hearted,suferrin d masses cus of der own self interest.just av it in mind dat wotsoeva u sow u shall rip.all of u are theifz

  33. Asuu and fg,i beg you in da name of da almighty to resolve ya problems and let us go bk and study.wer dam tired staying at home.

  34. Pls i beg of you people pls lets be reasonable at list nigeria have money you people should pump it out and solve the big problem that nigeria have .

  35. Wat re nija stdnt stil waitin 4,let us al start som peacefl demonstration lyk stdnt in university of maiduguri,so dat our various uni cn cut-off frm ASUU… I pray dat b4 feb we shal al go bk 2 skul

  36. Fg is wicket while asuu is selfish.All they think of is themselves they never boda about d poor students.If there is anyother way they can replace strike in nigeria,i bet u dis country would have been a better place 4 us al.Lest i 4get,dis strike is becoming disqusting and irritating.

  37. Naija what is going on with our education ? When u people are students how many times have u encountre strick ? Ur kids are @ abroad studying . But u all take what belongs to the poor masses . Note : what ever u sow u shall reap. Uniben

  38. Let’s watch and see how two wrongs will m@ke a right for the first time in history. Bsu mkd.

  39. Wish to use this medium to to advice nigerian students to engage in skills acquisation programmes that will go a long way in boosting their knowledge.dont allow any opportunity pass you by.08063017529pls call me .bsu mkd

  40. ASUU alongside the FG only have til 20 jan. To resolve dis xtreme act of stupidness called strike or else…..xtreme

  41. Plz ASSU and FG, am tired of staying at home. Come to a compromise plz, so that this strike will be over. NLC strike is over while ASSU strike is still pending.

  42. Nig students are sick of dis nuisance called strike, f g & assu we nig std order u 2 harmonise ur selfish interests, or u wil b suprise oh!!

  43. i beg ooo…mak asuu and fg find solutn 2 ds strike bcos e dey affect person

  44. FG should plese reach a conclusion with ASUU.Students are tired of staying at home.settle things,call off and let us go back to school.stop extending our years in school.4rm 4 d dude(a student of adekunle ajasin university)…AAUA.

  45. FG,ASUU! FG,ASUU!! FG,ASUU!!! Please use your head before we change our mind.

  46. FGN y do lyk to withheld any action dat will favour d masses. Am tired of been idle..FUTMINNA

  47. Asuu plz n d name of God i plead 4 mercy and dsame goes 2 Fg,i beg u…plz we d nigerian students wat 2 go bak 2 skul,we’re tired of home,may God bless una as una hear our voix

  48. of the Greatest IFE, aticulate IFE, all we are saying….. Goodluck if u fuck up me personally go shi u, max shishi

  49. asuu/fg pls resolve dis issue so dat dis strike will be called off am tired of staying at home. Lautech student

  50. ASSU/FG,mine is nt an exceptn we are tired of stayn ahome.stop postn havoc 2 our educatn just bcuz ur children are at smwhere better studn. MARK, BSU MKD.

  51. ASUU will call off strike on monday 23th jan.

  52. Asuu please For the interest of our nation education call off the strike that is turning our university education into primary education in the eyes of the world today, so that we in nigerian universities can have a cv that will compete with international cv I beg u in d name of God amen. Jonah egonu from niger delta university amassoma bayelsa state

  53. fg nd asuu mind ur selves o. resolve dis issues nd let us al go bak 2 school. dis strike of a tin is affecting d kontry negatively. so do sumtin. Haminu student of kogi uni

  54. ASUU and FG, Is this how you hope to improve the educational standard in Nigeria? Is the strike of advantage or disadvantage for student in the country? and how can this strike which have become part of our academic calender help us to have a better tomorrow?. 99.99% of Nigerians if not all are not patriotic, when can we learn to say; our leaders are accountable? The on-going ASUU strike should be put to an end, if learning have to be effective and fruitful in Nigerian Institutions by this two body as the claim.

  55. ASUU pls cal of dis strike 4God sake! FG are nt redy 2do somthin cos dere childrens d outsyd d country scholin dere

  56. Asuu abeg make una com to a conclusion wif FG on time b4 we nigerian student vex oo….wetin sef,she na only nigeria….abi una no dey shame?bisola 4rm TASUED

  57. The government of Africans countries sometimes perplexs me. How can the Federal Government of Nigeria, which has the constitutional duty to providing qualitative education to its citizens allow such an academic body like ASUU to ever embark on strike? I think the government is compromising our future, which will definitely add to the current ugly status quo. FG, please in the name of education and future peace, give ASUU what it demands for our sake. We believe and we still have hope that it will end, I mean academic strike must end.

  58. Asuu,.,.,.,govt meets one demand u make another,.,.,u re neva satisfied,.,must a prof collapse in front of a class b4 he retires,.,.,..u guys just kip strikin evry year.,.,its just a habit
    JAy y.,.uniuyo

  59. The FG should remember that students are the future hope of this country and just settle the ASUU for them to call off the strike

  60. Asuu, who ar u fyting 4?d stdnts or urselvs? The journey of a thousand yrs strts wt 1, sme of ur dmands av already bn met.pls cntinue negotiatn while stdnts ar n am so tird and bord and frustrated.i want 2 graduate dis yr 4 u, fedral govt..i dnt knw u o.nemesis wl katch up wt sure u guys av chldren abroad.There ar oda tinz worst dan strike.remember!GOD IS WATCHING O.PLS end d strike

  61. FG should please do something on this matter before the student start there own oooo

  62. For me . This is a total relegation to Nigeria Educational sector . Ours is not standard due to bad leadership and lack of effective Administration . As a matter of fact , those of us studying here suffers at last . The president should wake up from his slumber towards resolving the matter b/w Asuu and FG and treat as imperetive even as he was once a lecturer .

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