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Onyinye,Nigerian Girl Breaks Record In UK A-Level Results

A Nigerian teenager, Onyinye Akpenyi, with her colleagues were recently celebrated at Harlow College, United Kingdom for their outstanding A Level results. The 18 subjects they sat for saw a 100 per cent pass rate, which contributed to the College’s

overall 99.6 per cent pass rate, an increase even on last year’s record-breaking results, smashing the national pass rate of 97.8 per cent. SEYI GESINDE reports.

Onyinye Akpenyi is today a proud student in the United Kingdom. She is standing tall with her colleagues at Harlow College as she and her other colleagues were recently celebrated for recording outstanding A-Level results in the Queen’s land.

According to Harlow College’s account, “Onyinye Akpenyi, 19, came from Nigeria two years ago and has ambitions to become a neurosurgeon. Onyinye received two A*s in Chemistry and Physics and two As in Biology and Maths.

“Onyinye is taking a gap year and will be sitting for additional exams to qualify for medical school; her preference is Cambridge.”

Onyinye, speaking after recording an outstanding performance at Harlow College said: “Harlow College is a good place to be, I would certainly recommend it. The lecturers are focused and friendly, the college has exceeded my expectations, and it’s been a surprising experience.” She is hoping to take up a place at medical school in the United Kingdom next year.

Onyinye was awarded distinction in chemistry, psychology, mathematics and biology. The newspaper said she thanked Britain for her success.

She left Nigeria for the UK two years ago, as according to her, she wasn’t doing well at school back home until she enrolled abroad.

“Being a young person in the UK is amazing. I struggled at school in Nigeria, not because I was stupid, but because there’s no help,” Onyinye said.  “Teachers there don’t encourage you to get good grades, as they do here. There are no libraries or free computers. Students just have to work by themselves.

“My dad and mum didn’t go to a university, and the school system when I came to England was completely different to anything I’d seen in the past. I was really shy and nervous, and a lot of what I studied was completely new, but my teachers were so supportive.

“They gave me extra work, and different textbooks. They showed me articles and websites with more questions and helped me get old exam papers,” Onyinye said.

Onyinye decided not to apply to university before her A Levels, as according to her, she thought she might fail her exams. But now in her gap year, Onyinye plans to learn Spanish and Chinese, and then look for a part-time job in a care home. Afterwards, she intends to apply to Cambridge, King’s College London, and Newcastle and Manchester universities.

But despite her exceptional results, Onyinye imagining herself as a varsity student said: “I still don’t feel that confident. I spent the whole morning of results day on online student forum. The Student Room, and there are loads of people getting good results, and loads planning to apply for medicine,” Onyinye said.

“It is a bit depressing to be in Britain right now, when young people have been destroying their own communities. They don’t realise how agood they have it. When I came here I took everything I could get, the books at the library, the Internet, all free. I couldn’t believe it. I don’t understand why young people complain. They just don’t realise how amazing Britain is.”

This is the second year of the “controversial” A grades in the UK and 16 of them were awarded to Harlow College students.

The proud principal of Harlow College, Colin Hindmarch, said: “These are record results for us, our remarkable pass rate of 99.6 per cent mirrors our success rate which is also 99.6 per cent, showing that this isn’t a college for dropouts, staff work hard to ensure we keep our students.

“Our results are also record breaking and cause for celebration with a 97 per cent pass rate. You can’t get your A2s without passing ASs and once again we’ve shown that if you’re serious about A Levels you should come here.

“Our students and staff have made Harlow College one of the best in the country, we are currently second in the country, and, if we don’t take top position this year, becoming England’s number one isn’t far away for us.”


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