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Glo To Lauch Services In Ghana January 15

GlO Communications has said that it will launch its commercial mobile services in Ghana on January 15. This is the third time the company has made public its plan to commence business in Ghana.

GlO Ghana Chief Operating Officer, Mr. George Andah disclosed this at the GLO CAF Awards in Accra, Thursday night.

He said that the Nigerian owned communication giant would mark the event with the glitz and glamour it deserved. He said series of activities will precede the launch.

GlO was licensed to operate in Ghana in 2008. It has so far been engaged in developing sophisticated infrastructure in order to give the company the competitive edge it deserves.

On previous occasions it had postponed the launch date, citing different reasons for the change of plans. For instance, it had planned to launch on March 6, 2011 but the event was shelved.

Then the National Communications Authority (NCA) gave the company till August, 2011 to cover at least half of Ghana or be penalized.

The Minister of Communications, Hon. Haruna Iddrisu in June gave GLO September 15, 2011 ultimatum. It was later extended to October 15, 2011.

The last blotched launch date was fixed for November 17, 2011. A day to the announced date, the company cancelled the event, citing ‘technical hitches’ for the shift.

GLO has invested $600 million in the project so far, in establishing a unique, seamless and world class LTE network that would enhance its operations in Ghana.

The company says the infrastructure in place can take 10 million subscribers for a start and that it has the capacity for expansion.

The company has five centers, 18 base station controllers, 1,600 base transmitter station, 800 3.5G cell sites, 2,850 kilometers of fiber, 25 GLO world shops across the country. It has engaged the services of about 400 Ghanaians.

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