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Peter Obi: I Returned What Belonged To The Missionaries

“I did not hand over schools to the missionaries but returned what belonged to them” this was the statement by the Anambra State Governor, Peter Obi  at the dedication of St Peter’s Catholic Church, Nkwelle, Awka, yesterday. Peter Obi said the primary schools were forcefully taken away from the missionaries by the government.

He corrected the misinterpretation that schools were handed over to the missionaries explaining that what his government did was to return the forcefully seized property to the missionaries in the spirit of justice and fairness. Obi lamented the lack of discipline in the society due to lack of proper upbringing and is optimistic that there would be a turn-around with the missionaries managing the schools.

Obi promised to continue the payment of salaries to the teachers, citing the N6 billion  already given in the first 15 months to clear any doubt of proper funding. He called for the proper management of the money saying  that it is the reason he has confidence in the missionaries.

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