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TUC:Nigeria Will Be Shut Down

Comrade Peter Esele, the president of the Trade Union Congress of Nigeria(TUC) has revealed the plans of Labour to shut down the country. He said the announcement has shown what government is saying that it is negotiating with different groups/ organizations is a deception.

According to him, after the holidays, Labour would  call for an emergency meeting during which a date would be selected to embark on the industrial action. The labour has no option but to pay back. The quick and surprise removal has shown that government is not sincere. The negotiations with Labour and other groups and organizations  have not been finalized and they have removed the subsidy. We cannot keep quiet. After the  New Year holiday, we will call an emergency meeting and decide on a day to begin.

Refineries should be made to work and infrastructures should be put in place if the removal of the fuel subsidy is going to work. This was earlier said by NUPENG who made it clear to the government. After  minutes of announcement of the fuel subsidy removal, motorists who rushed to petrol stations were disappointed as the workers quickly closed for the day under the pretext of running on loss.

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