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Reverse Fuel Subsidy Or Resign, NBA Tells Jonathan

Nigerian Bar Association(NBA) Ughelli  branch, Delta State yesterday had a peaceful protest which lasted for over two hours. Mr Sunny Asanuvwie, the chairman of the branch said the  Nigerian Bar Association was against the removal of fuel subsidy. He described the decisions of President Goodluck Jonathan as oppressive and criminal in nature.

He boldly stated that the protest is to demand a reversal to N65 per litre. The government cannot be trusted as it has  no convincing explanations that it has good intentions for the people. The  president wants to use this policy to make the poor even poorer, to impoverish the Nigerian masses.

Chief  Peter Wanogho, the former chairman  of the branch noted that “the removal of the fuel subsidy affects more than 130million Nigerians who don’t have jobs. “More than 90 percent of Nigerians are against the withdrawal of petroleum subsidy, and if Goodluck Jonathan claims to be democrat, and majority of the people are against the removal of subsidy, then he should reverse it.

“We cannot allow a cabal, which is anti-democratic, parading themselves as democrats to destroy the democracy we fought for.”

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