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Reverse Fuel Subsidy- Tinubu

Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, former Lagos State Governor has called on Mr President, Goodluck Jonathan to reverse the decision on fuel subsidy, stating that subsidy should only be removed in phases alongside programmes to cushion the effect. Tinubu said the removal of fuel subsidy was like throwing  Nigerians into the depth of Midnight Sea, expecting them to swim to safety under their own power.

He described the subsidy removal as a Tax imposed by Jonathan on Nigerians saying that it is not well timed. Corruption should be cleaned up in the NNPC, foundation for mass transit system in the railways and good road network with long term bond, full development of the energy sector. If all these are in place, the fuel subsidy will not have significant effect on the masses.

Tinubu stated that there has not been any nation on the face of the earth that has developed or achieved long term prosperity by devotion to conservative, ultra-free market economic that dominates this government.

Federal Government should have perfected plans for news projects and programs that will receive the funds previously allocated the subsidy. “To say that they will develop programs once the subsidy is removed suggests government‘s heart is not in these alternatives.”

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