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Anambra: Awka In Support Of The Subsidy

anambra protestAt Awka, Pro-subsidy protesters have taken over the protests, collapsing the anti-subsidy protests in the state. Awka, Onitsha and Nnewi are in support of the removal. The supporters waved placards saying that Nigerian citizens should have a re-think on the long term benefit of the deregulation. They called on people to support Goodluck Jonathan as a courageous leader.

Petrol Stations and other business activities went on as usual. Markets were open and motor parks were busy. The banks were closed as long queues were seen at the ATM terminals. The Governor of the State, Peter Obi has commended Anambra State citizens over their understanding of the  removal of fuel subsidy and urged them to continue their daily activities.

He also urged them to be at alert to make sure that the proceeds from the subsidy was judiciously utilized.

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