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Boko Haram: Why We Attack And Kill Christians

Abubakar Shekau, the Boko Haram leader has said that his sect would not be defeated by Nigerian security forces. He also claimed the recent attacks on Christians saying they were revenge for killing muslims. On a Youtube  video, the Boko Haram leader pointed to attacks on Muslims in recent years in several parts of the northern Nigeria.

In the 15-minute video, Mr Shekau, wearing a red and white turban, a bulletproof vest and sitting in front of two Kalashnikov rifles, said he was responding to recent statements from President Goodluck Jonathan and the leader of the country’s main Christian organisation, the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN).

Boko Haram leader

He made it clear to President Goodluck Jonathan that Nigeria’s security forces would not be able to defeat the group.

Even in the midst of emergency declaration in some northern  states, gunmen attacked and killed eight people in Yobe including police officers.

The Boko Haram leader fingered the killings of muslims in places like Jos,  Kaduna, Zango Kataf and Tafawa Balewa in recent years.

“ We are also at war with the Christians because the whole world knows what they did to us” the Boko Haram leader said in the video, speaking in Hausa.

He said the group will only hold talks with the government in accordance with the teachings of Islam. The groups  main targets remained the security forces, who he said had executed their former leader, Mohammed Yusuf, after he was arrested in 2009.

The group wants to establish Sharia law in Nigeria.

Meanwhile, worried about the incessant killings of innocent citizens in the country by Boko Haram through bomb explosions, the Senate, on Wednesday, asked the Federal Government to  go after  and deal immediately with their sponsors.

The senators said they were prepared to give their lives for peace to reign in the country.

The Senate president, David Mark, made this known during his concluding remarks in a motion on the general insecurity in the country sponsored by the Deputy Senate President Ike Ekweremadu and 72 others .

Mark said that “nobody is so big that is above the law in this country. If any Nigerian, irrespective of his position, is involved in sponsoring the current level of insecurity, he must be dealt with according to the law and as quickly as possible, because we did not want this to go on as it is becoming an impediment to our desire to develop our country.”

He dispelled the notion that a special ethnic group was being targeted by the islamic sect, noting that “no special group has been targeted deliberately. Those who are doing this are miscreants, misguided Nigerians, who are being sponsored obviously and if government knows who is sponsoring them, they must pick them out and deal with them once and for all, because we cannot condone it.”

The Senate president added that their activities had no religious colouration, explaining that “it  has nothing to do with religion, because all the clerics, both Christians and Muslims, have condemned the acts of these terrorists and people who are sponsors.

“ They are people who are prepared, with specific intention to destabilise this country but they will not succeed and the only way they will not succeed is when we all play our roles, the security agents, the ordinary man in the street. It is never a good reason for the level of insecurity we found ourselves today.”

He thanked all contributors to the motion, saying that their contributions were an indication of their concerns and the fearless manner in which they made their comments, noting “I know that when it comes to the issue of Boko Haram, people have been very scared sticking out their necks or even making comments. But today, we have broken that jinx and because we have been able to speak out, I hope well-meaning Nigerians will be able to join us in condemning in totality the existence and operation of Boko Haram in this country.”

He told his colleagues  that all of them received threat messages. “People send text messages, if you say this we will kill you, we are going to finish your family.

“The moment you accept a public office, your security is no more in your hands, it is in the hands of God.

“And if they want to kill all of us, 109 senators here for Nigeria to survive, we will offer our lives on a platter of gold to them. Those who received text messages, I urge them to disregard them completely because they cannot do you anything.”

Mark said that the activities of  the Islamic sect did not portray Nigerians, noting that Nigerians were a peace-loving people. We love ourselves and we love our neighbours. This idea is absolutely foreign to us, it does not represent us and we hope that it will stop,” he said.

He called on state governments to wake up to their responsibilities  in the area of security, believing that “every state has a responsibility in providing security for the people, in making sure that things don’t go wrong because the governors are the chief security officers in the states. They have a lot of responsibilities

“We have terrorism and insurgency on our hands and if we do not handle them properly, they will get out of control. We must do everything humanly possible starting with communities, local government, state level and to the federal level to make sure that we tackle this and nip it in the bud now before it gets out of control”.

He said Nigerians “must not allow history to repeat itself. What is happening now is beginning to give an impression of 1966. It must not happen again, no nation may survive two civil wars and we must never allow ourselves to degenerate into that level.”


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