Imam Abubakar Shekau, Boko Haram Leader Message To President Jonathan

This is a message to Goodluck and to the Can president. Alhamdullahi, we are known as Jamatu Ahlis Sunna Lidda’awati wal-jihad which some people derogatory term as Boko Haram. We have said all that needs to be said and everyone has seen what the security personnel have done to us. Everyone has seen why we are fighting with them. We hardly touch anybody except security personnel and christians and those who have betrayed us. Everyone knows what christians did to muslims, not once or twice. Why i’ve come out to explain myself is because of the explanation jonathan and the CAN president gave on us, including the various versions people give about us that we are like cancer (a terrible ailment) in this country called Nigeria. No, we’re not cancer, neither are we evil. If people don’t know us, God knows everyone. Everyone knows what happened to our leader. Everyone knows what wickedness was meted out to our members and fellow muslims in Nigeria from time to time in Zango kataf, Tafawa Balewa, Kaduna, villages, Langtang, Yelwa shendam. Different things were meted out to muslims in this country.





Everyone knows that democracy and the constitution is paganism and everyone knows there are some things that God has forbidden in the Quran that cannot be counted even western education! We have stopped everything apart from saying we should stay on the path of truth and peace and live right in the sight of God. There, we will have peace and that is what we have been preaching and b’cos of that they said we should be killed and our mosques destroyed. We decided to defend ourselves and God has said if u follow him, he will give you strength! That is why Jonathan, u should know that this is beyond your power. It is not our doing but that of God. It is beyond you.

Wallahi, what you are saying is like you have not started saying anything! Before God created the earth, he knew what was going to happen and he has promised in the holy book that he will help his religion. It is beyond your power. What you see has been happening, God allowed it because you have refused to follow him and you have betrayed his religion. That is why Jonathan, this is beyond your power-yes!! If a few in your government say nice things about us, it is not surprising-it has happened many times -our hands are open! Anybody that says he will not follow God, even if he loves us, God has not said we should love such a person. God has said we should show such person the right path and embrace such person! You christians should know that Jesus is a servant and prophet of God. He is not the son of God.

This religion of Christianity you are practicing is not a religion of God-it is paganism. God frowns at it. What you are practicing is not religion. Aside that, you Christians cheated and killed us to the extent of eating our flesh like cannibals! You did all you wanted to us. We are trying to coerce you to embrace islam, because that is what God instructed us to do. Even at that, without provocation, you slaughtered us and took our wives and humiliated us! Now you CAN president, you come out to say your people should come out and do whatever they want to do! Any right thinking person knows what you mean, any right thinking person knows what you’re saying. This is why as leader of this sect i tell you to repent and to you Christians, repent! This path we’re taking is God’s path. Fellow muslims, understand us! Our objective is not to kill or humiliate or steal.

This explanation has become necessary, even if I don’t explain, I can decide to keep mute because the person I love to know me like this is God.

I have no objective than to help the religion of God, that is all I can explain. But if u want further explanation, we have tapes you can listen to and know our objectives. This is also my message to the President of Nigeria, Jonathan, who has come out to say negative things about us and also a lot of harm to us-God has given us victory and we have done what we want to do. This is almost 11 yrs. our members are being killed! Anything people want to say or do, we say enough is enough! We serve God and we do not harm anybody, but anybody that looks for our trouble, we will face such person or persons!

We follow the tenets of the Quran and anybody that thinks he can fight God shouldn’t think his prayer or praying in the mosque can save him! Any muslim that cheats and hides under the cloak of religion, if we know such person, we wont hesitate to eliminate him. Yes, I am saying so because it doesn’t take 5 minutes to kill just as we’re being killed. We follow the teachings of the Quran. This is what God has told me to explain. Allhamdulillah!”

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  1. Boko haram,are u fight 4 d mass or u ar fight 4 ur selve,i read ur comment bt by fightin ourself can t solve d prmble.let delibrate 2 together nd share our prmble together nd d promble we been solve{a prmbel share a promble solved)if some offend u dont hesitate 2 tell dat person he or she we ask 4 forgiveness as a child of god u we forgive nd by killin ourselve like animal is nt d best nd our leaders shuld do something fast dat cn make d country peacful.

    • This is not the way to make people to believe a religion bcos the worship of God is not by violence as it is not to be done by flesh and blood but against spiritual wickedness in high Man is not worthy to fight God’s battles so if you are fighting for God stop the violence approch and adopt a better way without violence bcos everyone has a right to worship.

      • I agree wit attention has been drawn to his(Abukar shekau) reference to christianity as a religion of paganism. i dont know how he arrived at dat conclusion. my advise to adherents of other religion is dat dey shld learn to respect other pples faith.

        • muslims are vampires is that how ur stupid mahamadu tell us.u beter repent fir the kingdom of GOD is @ hand

          • Peter, may God have mercy upon you for what you have said unto Prophet MUHAMMED(PBUH), all muslim that called JESUS names is not a muslim. You better have a re-think of what you have just said for the God of Moses, David.Solomon, Jesus and Muhammed (may the peace of the lord be with them all) will solowly make life misrable for you. I hate you for what you say. I am not a fan of BH but a devoted Muslim who love all d sons of ADAM.

      • No true religion wil support the sheding of blood b/cos blood is sacred, God created man it can ‘t cost him a second to remove any persons life so don’t fight for him,help me 2 post

    • Luk @ dis BastArd, is dis wot ur quran teach u? Killing innocent souls, bombing of churches. Ow long are u pple going to stop dis stupid attitude, u called Islamic religion a gud one to follow? God 4bid bAd fin, no1 will go unpunished. Our God is nt silence is wAtching u!

  2. GOD does not support violence.Religion is a choice not a compulsion,therefore do not take law into ur hand or melt judgement on any one because you are also acting against his injuctions

  3. Indeed we r @ d end of tymes! Wat is dz guy saying? God ve mercy, bcus dz is an absolute ignoramus!

  4. I cant just make head or tail out of all what he said,obviously this is a sign of endtime,but i believe that no matter how long it is,the long arm of justice wil still catch up with you and the blood of every innocent that died on your account shall judge you on the last day

  5. I cant just make head or tail out of all what he said,obviously this is a sign of endtime,but i believe that no matter how long it is,the long arm of justice wil still catch up with you and the blood of every innocent that died on your account shall judge you on the last day.amen

  6. They are very shallow in their thoughts. I know God himself is not happy with them and He shall surely judge them. I know peace will reign in Nigeria. God bless us all


  8. Boko Haram. None is afraid of you guys. and dunno think that the president of the federation will be afraid … he mission and vision is tko bring you peole to book. if you not afraid to die why do you guys hide and not coming out and make certain demands. This is our country ok. try to embrace reality and show good example of a good citizen of nigeria or you regret your act of joining such group called Boko Haram…FG is working to curb all the mennance and soonest it will stop. If you dunno stop killing innocent nigerian. I will make sure i join hand and work with FG and the GCFR to bring you guys to book. Had already have signal from the Miami on how to bring you people to book. FUCK OFF

  9. Excuse me Mr wahalidi or what. .in your parochia thinking, How long do you think it will cost God (the creator) to kill all christians ( the created) if He want d whole world to be musulumi? You’ve not make a mistake by saying Christianity is not a religion. Thats why I pitied those seen it so because JESUS CHRIST brought no religion but SALVATION of OUR SOULS.(Your’s inclusive). And thats your MASTER’S problem with CHRIST. And perhaps you were small when persecution of Christians started in d North, then ask your elders. Get all these into your skull boy!

    • I dn’t tink watz u n ur click r doing is in acordance 2 ur quoran or holy buk, al u r doing is taking vengans wen God who u r mentioning said ‘vengance belongs 2 hm, dat with human powa we can nt ova come d world, why nt alow God punish christians 4 their evil as u said, dn’t u knw if u want pis ne hamony in d kingdom as u said then u must alow God have his way? Dn’t u knw dat all u r doing 4 God is lyk tiching him wat 2 do? Dn’t u knw dat in his kingdom there’s no segregation or religious descrimination as u r doing, dn’t u knw dat wat eva a man sow dat’s wat he/she wil reap? Why nt let christians have their freedom as u knw ur people r scatard al ova d glob nd r enjyn fridom, pis, hapiness, comfort 4rm d christians u r kiling. What wil u say at d jugdmut day, wil u remind God u were his asistant yl on earth. Think my broda, Jesus lovs u n he want 2 make u a son of his fada nt jst an instrumnt 2 b thrown by afta use.

  10. mtcheeeew bulshit.coward he only talk frm his hideout n sending his foolish followers to kill themselves while he stays alive.bunch of cowards!ur days are numbered

  11. let me tel u smtin: this man is ignorant, he doesnt even know the principles of islam.

  12. Innalillahi wainnaeleihirajiunl. oh Àllah help dis ignorant 2 understand. frnd pls dis guy is not speaking 4 islam cos he dont kw wat is islam so don hold any muslem respnsble but his self. my name is usman sajo nd im not a terorist.

    • Kaji wawa ma tsoraci

      • Ai kaine wawa mamood! Amma kayi makaranta kuwa? Ko dai kana bin irin wannan mutanen ne? Idan nagidanku a ka kashe zakace ai bahaka quran yace bako? Toh gara ma ka tuba wallahi in bahakaba kaima wutan jahannama zai cika! Dolo kawai an cema tsoro yake jine? Gaskiya yake fada kuma shine abunda bakwa so. Kuma shi za’a yi.

  13. I did not see any gud think or ur reason why u are killing innocent soul,l thought u said u are a child of GOD.but God says thou shall not kill.the same God also says thou shall forgive thou brother no matter what he did to u.the same God says dat he will fight 4 us,why are u fight 4 him dont u know dat what so ever u sow dat u will reap REPENT FROM UR EVIL WAYS!!

  14. U stupid Ignoramus, if u are sure u are right, why not show urself to us. God will arest u one day boy. Those i pity most is those stupid alamajiri that involves themself with this. If u believe truly there is heavenly gain deying with killing other, why not urself deying with it fool.

  15. u re d most idiot person i ever seen,did allah told u 2 fyt 4 him?did u read quran at all?and more so did he told u 2 kill an innocent people all bcoz of religion,u re nt fytin 4 d muslim u re fytin 4 urself nd i pity u coz if d judgement of god came,u will ave nowhere 2 run 2.idiot,bastard.u re nt human at all u re an animal.

  16. Human life is sacred, every religion identifies that. Killing God’s creatures will not and can never be a favour to God.. There is nothing wrong wit preaching your religion or making new converts but must you kill? If you kill the whole world who will you preach to? LIFE IS SACRED

  17. So any one that doesn’t believe what you believe should be killed? If so that means I should kill you too cos i don’t believe what you believe. Hahahahahaha. We have traditional worshipers, we have hindus, bhudist and the rest why not go and kill them too mr fighter is it only christians? But you self no wan die na why you de hide, so you no know say as life dey sweet you na so e de sweet others? Trust me you go tire on day.. Osama Bin Laden is my proof. Even if you are not killed you’ll die a natural death and life will still move on. Hahahahahaha. You forget say population of christians pass una even if na war una dey confuse sef cos many northerners are christians but trust me no single muslim from south south or south east. Mr hero why not show your ugly face? You are fighting in vain cos even if you kill all of us we’ll go to heaven-by then have you converted us? Hahahahahahaha this man you are very funny oh.. We no de fear you at allll at worst na die na. Man die go, die na die so no need of wastin your energy. Just leave us we no go stay this world forever one day we go die, ok?

  18. May almighty God have mercy on u for saying that JESUS is not the son of God, that he is a prophet. Don’t allow God of vengeance to visit u and ur sponsurance 2 9th. The end time has come, the bible also said it

  19. The leader of boko haram if u are christian fighting why are hiding,if u are a man u should come out and face christians face to face and see what will happen.

  20. May God forgive U…smh! God never sleeps, he watches over his people(muslim or christian) and he’ll bring back peace 2 this country! This is exactly what d bible says about end time…the book or revelation says it all!

  21. u dont knw any tin abt d quran shut u trap up xtian r our brodas………

  22. U fool, instead of facing the truth or rather make it plain that you are fighting for your selfish political reason instead you are using God as a backing and dats d more reason God will destroy you and crew. FOOLS

  23. Iam a muslim, and no reasonble muslim will ever share ur believe. Just stop killing and seek 4giveness from Ahlah, and Ahlah will 4give u. I repeat! stop killing, bcos one day, u will be killed hopelessly.

  24. boko haram ,Cowards. cant u all come out nd stop hiding.

  25. dis is ridiculous, imagine an insignificant individual threatening d lives of christians. Dnt wory, one day, u must b brought 2 book. Hopeless homosapien

  26. boko or wat dey call u people stop playing with ur life STOP!u cn see ur minds ar nt settle agn u guys wer nt born 2kill bt if u people see JOY in killing ur own felows Holy ghose fire 2 all of U and ur generation,if u do nt repent u we surly die.i dnt hate u guys bcos u still breath as humans i dis lik ur charaters 2end dis B wON i say b Won

  27. U guys don’t know what you are saying so I want u to stop fighting and slaughtering christians bcuz we have all it takes to defend ourselves..

  28. Isaiah 33:1
    what sorrow awaits you assyrians( boko haram), who have destroyed others( christians) but have never been destroyed yourselves…..

  29. Imam Shekau,u r simply bluffind…u r an object to d devil’s ploy n evil machinations..hw dare u profane d name of d Lord…no matter wat u, deep down in ur hrt u kn dat God us supreme n dats y u r workd up..wat did u say christians did to u cuz ve neva heard any of such story..if u luk arnd d world,d belligerent states r nt christians so y inflict dem wit so much pain fr no jst cause…i jst dnt y God is so merciful to pple who use His name in vain..i wnt u to kn dat as mighty as u tink u r,rememba d lyks of Gadaffi who taught they ll neva smell d earth..I strongly bliv dat d wicked ll neva go unpunished..

  30. The holy book says ‘thou shall not kill’ to the boko haram or what so ever they call you. One day monkey will go market an he will not return

  31. Religious crises is a typical example of end-time.Our God is not violence so are Christians(CHRIST-LIKE).If our Egyptians don’t stop their killing,what happened to pharaoh’s armies at d Red Sea will happen.Our God is not asleep.Pls,Christians watch and Pray…..CHRIST is coming SOON!!!!

  32. Dis man is a fool n a devil !! Idiot ,, our own God is merciful n only he has d ryt 2 judge human evils nt ds idiot claimin he is fytin his god .. Tsw !! No 1 cn fyt 4 God ,, he is strong ,, powerful enuf 2 do dat bt cos he is a gd Lord ,, he flds His hnds waitin 4 repntnc .. Wel mister fool ,, i hope u cn c ds .. ” hell is made specially 4 yo typ” ,, murderers !! Devils !! Evil doers !! Yo d devil’s hnd tool .. Noin bt an usels ,, ignornt fool .. U probably tink islam is d ryt way ?? Lie !! God dint cr8 his religion in a volenc ways .. Y tke yos as if yo stupid ,, wretched lyf dpnds on it .. Yo quran twks abt “killing” ,, dint it .. Its sais ,, killin is a sin ,, so evn if its yo god wu is bhind u .. Den yu r ar fake .. D God i knw ,, wu created Heaven n Earth dint approve killers ,, nt evn those fytin 4 Him.. He is strng enuf 2 fyt 4 Him self .. Bunch of fools “boko haram” ,, nw is yo tym cos d gd Lord is patient ,, very soon he wil release hs wratch on u n al yo innocnt genratns .. Watch !! Cos wen tha tym cmes ,, we gd blieva of God ,, wil stnd dre spattin on u devil likened mongrels !! Av associatd wit muslims ,, mst of ‘em r gd n obedient ,, dey r peacefl .. Unlyk u stupid hausas .. Yu al r big dsgrc 2 yo Allah .. May He av mercy on u 4 spillin dirt on his Righteous Name .. Xtain or muslim we srv 1 God ,, n thas d creator of d Universe .. Idiots !!

  33. Let’s b truthful, if a person mistakenly kill a soul, fast 4 60days and if u intentionally kill, d person shld b killed instantly bt why using d name of Allah 2 misconceived and interpreted qur’an at ur grudges gain? we hav 7stages in d qur’an hw human was created, know right 4rm wrong then if u decide 2 4llo d wrong hell fire bt if u choose d right janat firdausi, pple must enter hell or heaven. islam is peace and let embrace peace.

  34. Boko you feel like a big boy or a hard man killing innocent people. Dont worry very soon you will cry to the whole nation for mercy. Are you stronger than usama binladen, or Gadafi . Keep up.

  35. Mr leader,LOL. Y are u such a disgrace to ur fada nd ur generation? Wt ur post, u r educated at least to some extent and u said “Boko(western education) Haram(is a sin)”. Are u not fooling somebody here? Again, u r fighting for ur “god”. Pls who told u dat God cannot fight for himself if he wants? U called christianity paganism, ok, but y not allow God to crush them? Again, y are u hidn inside one room and sending some NFA’s called almageris to die for u. I will advice u or any other person dat supports u to pls stop, now dat u still have d opportunity to do so. God Bless Nigeria.

  36. May GOD 4gve u 4 wat u’ve said mr leader.

  37. dis is terible.wel 2 d whole boko haramees jst undastand dat u r only alive 2day bcos u decided 2 b hidin.ur days r numbered u group of fools

  38. christians watch out the end time has come…..God will deal with dat asshole…..

  39. Asuu de waste time wit dat imbecile president

    • Pls ,u r al adviced to cal Mr Goodluck ebele Jonathan!!!your Excellency,and not all sort of names u wish pls Nigerians…respect ur elders,ur leaders ann the GCFR

  40. God will surely run his anger on you ad ur followers u va no right to take someone’s life.

  41. this mail, is sick, his brain is off, he need fixe bck , may God 4give him , bt first, he will be catch like fish in the net

  42. To all christians do not be eually yoked with unbelievers the end is at hand and this are the signs if were you i would repent now so even if you die heaven is very ones goal even if you go now or later what matters is you make heaven at last remember he that keeps his life will loose it and he that is ready to loose it keeps his dont hold any grodge cos its the devils ploy to make us all miss heaven let no man judge wat is write or wrong we all will die one day be you christians or muslim just prepare your self. To you boko harram or wat name you call your self if you are a prophet of GOD then do what God has sent you but remember what ever you sow you reap. In my openion i advice you to stop taking life and start preaching and if you hold any grodge of past things pls forgive before its too late GOD has never allowed man to fight his battle but if he has allowed it in your time who are we to question GOD. even if mans law to you is a sin then follow the law of GOD which says thou shall not kill.

  43. what did Killing Innocent means to your religion ,righteousness abi,why u no go kill ur mother first, stupid gay,love your neighbour as you love your self,you there talking shit,Jesus is only son of God,if you believe it then you go die no body send,and if i hear any noise from you again ,in that country,you will have ur self to blame,asshole,

    • Please let all (both Christians and Muslims) come together to solve this problem. If western education is forbidden why not deal with the government who initiate educational policies for the nation. Killing innocent people is not the solution.
      As s matter of fact I believe Boko Haram is just a cover up for a political agenda. My friends, as soon as a northerner (or Muslim) becomes the President of Nigeria all these violence will stop. IS A FACT THEY WANT A NORTHERNER TO RULE.

  44. Islam is a religion of peace and not killing of innocent lives, stop this blasphemy. Our God has promised to avenge us of all adversaries- its in the Bible and I believe it will be in your Quran. So stop this madness, killing your fellow human beings will not take you to Heaven but hell. REPENT !!!

  45. Allah as the creator of all didnt ask us 2 kill any body . Even if they killed our peoples, destroy our houses , rape our daughter etc God wil deal with them. Pls, less 4get and allow us 2 die in a peace home.

  46. ur muslim brodas n preachers says Islam is “peace.” is ur own Quaran different 4rm dias? y are u fooling ur self in d name of religion.? Does ur Allah ask u T fight 4 im? Oh… May b he is powerles n cannt fyt 4 himself. Y nt come out n face dose u tink u are stronger dan if u tink u are fyttng 4 God.? Does ur Quaran tels u 2 “kill”? Am sure d answer is NO. Hey boy, am suprse u call “boko haram” n u speak a gud english. Did u learn it 4rm ur quaran? Stop decievng n leading ur muslim brodas 2 dia earli graves. My muslim brodas dnt listen 2 dat fool he is tryng 2 tarnish d image of ur religion MY CHRISTIAN BRODAS “WATCH N PRAY” 4 D TYM IS @ HAND…

  47. whatever you call yourself,as far as am concerned,you are all cowards.come out and talk as a brave man stop hidding.people like Osama Bin Ladin,Arafat,Ghadafi who were hidding and made noise like you and were even stronger than you were still caught and killed talkless of you mosque RAT.don’t worry,you will be killed this year.Basterd

  48. Who will say dat he is nt afraid of d dark? Is it BOKO HARAM! or their leader!, lets nt b fools to ourselfs 4 GOD, ALLAH is alive.
    He said ‘d gate of hell shall nt prevail against it’, so we need nt to b afraid!!!

  49. You wiked fool your days are numbered

  50. I read with disgust the message the so-called leader of Boko Haram, Abubakar Shekau, sent to the President, His Excellency Goodluck Jonathan. I want to make it very clear to him that he and the members of his group are pests in the Nigerian society and must be annihilated completely, no matter how long it takes.

    It is not in their place to decide God’s relationship with His people. If they think that they are truly chosen ones and they truly worship God, let them worship and leave other people alone in their own worship pattern. This group has no right to judge for God. God is the one that can judge and decide who truly worship Him in truth and in spirit.

    I am a true Christian, who is washed in the blood of Jesus Christ, the only true Son of God. He is my personal Lord and Saviuor, and therefore, I will not appreciate it if an infidel should open his mouth wide and speak against my Lord and Saviour. So Bokom Haram leave us Christians alone. There is nothing in your islamic religion that interest us. Therefore calling us to come and embrace your religion is the greatest and most stupid mistake you have made. If you think you are worshiping God the right way, continue worshiping Him and leave us alone.

  51. Abubakar S, your expression are clear. But want to plead with you that the destruction of life and property should stop, using religion to treaten people is synonymous to peganism and finally i want to say life is sacred the earlier you get it from this perspectives the good it will do all of us. Abubakar Nigeria and Nigerians love you. Just be a good leader.

    • How can you plead with an animal? As far as I am concerned, all the members of the so called group are animals in human skin and no one should make a mistake about that. Your pleading will make him think he is someone. He doesn’t deserve that.

  52. Abubakar S, your points are clear. But will plead with you to have a right thinking. Nigerian are dying everyday and fear is everywhere. Please be a good leader.

  53. My people, these are(boko haram) the instruments of the anti-christ the bible is saying…lets continue in prayer in order to fall into temptation.

  54. May d lord almighty have mercy on u and be rest assured dat dose who kill by the sword must surely die by the sword

  55. u are a mad man nd god wil never 4give u oloshe

  56. He who kills with sword shall definitely be killed of sword, judgement is not for us but God, pls stop killing the innocent ppl.

  57. What is difference btw u and devil ? ObviousLy there isn’t any. GOD’s judgement await u .

  58. You are mad………Although Holy books says thou shall not judge…….If not I will authiritatively tell U dat God does not like all wat U are doing so U are going to a separate hell fire prepared by Petrol……..To hell wt U if U can’t kill all Nigerians including ur family……..Federal Government has called U for Amnesty, U better go to Aso-Rock Villa & collect Millions of Naira U need to use for sending your children to Canada for schooling…..Instead of U to go into Politics U are doing wat God does not want…………Ori gbogbo yin buru……..E o ni jere omo yin ni agbara olorun……….Alahumo amin!

  59. Haha! This ΐƨ madness. I want to believe the sect leader and his members escape from psychatric. Because if not, they would have read and digest the teachings of holy quran they claimed to follow. Allah (swt) that owns his religion (islam) has spelt it clearly in suratul kafar that there ΐƨ no compulsion in religion. Allah state it clearly freedom of religion. Even during the time of the steal of prophet ( prophet mohammed saw), there was christains. Infact, his uncle that raise him was never a muslim. Islam ΐƨ a religion of peace not killings of non muslim by hiding under rewardless jihad or thereabout. Allahu allam, it ΐƨ only God that know how to judge you with these illicit act of yours. Repent now, stop killings and causing insecurity in the society may be Allah will forgive you because he alone ΐƨ forgiver of sins. But if fail to deviate from these dirty act of yours, know surely, blood and soul of the life been wasted would insha allah hunt you and you shall insha allah rose in the toughest blaze of Allah(swt). Boko haram are not muslims!!!

  60. Cn u imagin? human, creatd by GOD, fightin 4 GOD. U dont evn have a right 2 judge me, much less kill me. U ar jst a bloody coward! Cm out of ur hidin place & face us, u fool. Christianity is nt a religion, it’s a way of life. Evry1 hs a right 2 worship, so dont force ur religion on us! God wil judge all of u one by one!

  61. If truly book or education ΐƨ haram, why did sect members goes to school initially? They speak ​G̶̲̥̅Ơ̴̴̴̴͡.̮Ơ̴̴̴͡D̶̲̥̅ english, browse on net, wear modern cloths, cars, houses and shoot modern guns and missiles. Tell me, are they not using gsm? Or are these not things introduced by education? Or in what chapter or verse in the quran ΐƨ written that muslim should fight for Allah? Prophet mohammed that brought the religion has never thought us to be as wicked as you people are. Instead, he said we should be ​G̶̲̥̅Ơ̴̴̴̴͡.̮Ơ̴̴̴͡D̶̲̥̅ to atleast forty houses by our right, left, front and back you in “ any community” you might be. Sect should please change the topic of their mass killings and stop black mailing islam and muslims.

  62. Boko nonsense, animals in human skin. Abubakar or whatever your name is, show your ugly face and stop hiding. You are simply a coward, an empty vessel. But I promise you, your days are short and you must die like an animal you are. Idiot!!!

  63. The end of Boko haram and the end of shekau the leader of boko has come because they shed the blood of innocent and because U̶̲̥̅̊ are fight religion. List now repent now and if U̶̲̥̅̊ didn’t in the next six month U̶̲̥̅̊ will be killed by the holy ghost

  64. I saying this on behalf other muslim that will not do so. Were is it written in the Quran to take arms against does that did not fight back? Dont call us fool. U make islam a religion of peace that of violence. For the are u made mention of. Jos, Kaduna, Tafawa balewa etc. Go fight in those place if only ur words are true. Stop kill us. my anty was killed in kano with her hemar on by ur bombs. how i wish i will have a direct lick with u, u will have heard more. Allah yaisa….

  65. God only takes a few minutes to creat human and he has the right to choose who and who to live. You can’t fight for God. Or do you think you are more stronger than him? Oh…i can see Your so_called god is not strong that is why you are fighting for him. Repent for the kingdom of God is at hand..

  66. what is happening is the fufilment of the scripture! Nobody is afraid to die because my bible told me nomatter how christian are been killed, one wil stil remain to proclaim the word of God and through that,the world wil come to repentance! I am very happy because my Bible has been fulfilled!!

  67. Imam Shekau, Am a muslim nd i dnt bliv u ar one. Cuz u dont even sound or reason like one. Jst come out, i will be the first to kill u b4 the law wil pieces u. Guyz plz, this stupid man is nt a muslim nd is only fightin for himself nt for muslimz we dnt knw him.

  68. my God! Islam is a religion of peace and righteousness, we cnt cal pple 2 faith by force n violence. Pls mr.imam go bck n read islamic hist.books know d rules governg jihad which u claim u r in2. Listen in jihad u dnt kill women n children,no sucide, u dnt kill innocent soul amng mny others,what u r doin wallahi is unislamic if u die in dat path wallahi u r goin 2 hellfire,so repent.

  69. Imam Abubakar, God’s greatest commandement is that you should love your neighbors as yourself and never say you should kill for him. There is freedom of worship and as an individual you have choice of religion, you can not force anybody to practice your religion. The Bible or Quaran did not say you should kill or force anybody to worship your religion, that is why he reminded us that vengence is his own and you can fight for him. pls ask him to forgive you for innocent souls that are dead all in the name of your hidden motives cos nemesis will surely catch up with you.

  70. Dis person i dont tink if he knows islam at all coz Allah said in d holy quran no compulsion in religion so u dont hav d right 2 force any religion on any body. Nor can u force nigerians 2 implement sharia coz d country is not only 4 muslim.durin d prophet he live wit unblivers not even christains dat blive in God. almighty Allah said in d quran dat u should serve ur religion nd i serve mine so fear God nd come back 2 d right path

  71. Fellow Nigerians, ignor the brat, he wants 2 b recognised. But it won’t b in this life even in the next. Concerntrate in nation n don’t b distracted.

  72. let me tell u sometin abt BH, the day there leader wil be arrested… that day u wll see him together wit ashawohs (populaly knwn as karuwai) with plenty raps of indian helme (marijuana), the third thing is bottles of whiskey. Lastly, that man will be arrested lik rat. We should not be moved by there statement cos dat is another thing they use to distroy those that cannot be reached by there bullets nd bomb. We should also cooperate wit security agencies pls cos we are all securities at this crutial time. GOD BLESS NIGERIA

  73. mr or mallam,i dont even know which name u call urseif ?,pls dont said that a muslim cannot kill an inosent,these is not jihad,ur directly wrong,the holy quaran is not order you to does a such thinks.wa iyazubillahi,what is muslim?muslim mean the five commandment,pls dont confuse urslf,these is ur parsonal interents.

  74. To all xtians,pls stop dis misconceptions dat boko haram are muslims.They are in no way part of us bcos our religion condemn d killing of other creature’s soul illegally,also,there is no compulsion in our religion nd according to fundamental human rights of Nigeria’s constitution,each citizen is free to belong 2 any religion of his/her choice.Dis boko haram are only using Islam 2 camouflage nd 2 tarnish d image of Islam.Dis country is a multi religious country in which we needs 2 tolerate each other in order 2 live in peace nd harmony.GOD BLESS NIG,OUR STATES, LOCAL GOVT,ME ND U.

    • Dr fnds,
      if muslems ar sincere, then they will fish out d sponsores of these vampires. Until then we assume the status quo, “there is a conspiracy, by muslems to maintain a dubble standard”. Peace to d people of God.

  75. Well i knw dat God has not created wu he cannot arrest

  76. nothing is hidden under the sun.

  77. What we could say is may God blesr us.

  78. Subhanallah!am so cnfusd…wat is dis world trning into?human beings ar nt flies. Mr imam, u said ur leaders were kild and masacred unnecesarily, is dat an excuse 2 kil innocent people?islam is a religion of nt condeming u guys bcos ur actn is as a rzult of d source of ur knwledge and wrng interpretatn and i pray 4 Allah 2 guide u 2 d straight path.4 God’s sake who ar u fyting?gudluck or d poor masses?ther is nafn 2 hard 2 4give.we nid peace in nigeria.u nid it 2..u dnt bring people 2 islam by fyting and kiling them.b kind 2 them and admonish them.we nid 2 redeem d image of islam. Pls stop d kilin, it wl take u no where.i am a muslim lyk u and am nt finding it intresting at al..peace we nid and peace we shal av.insha Allah

  79. Only coward fight frm ð dark. If truly Ʋ trust Чuя god y not com out Απϑ see if he ll hep Ʋ wen Ʋ r bn hung.

  80. What i know is that no one can fight for God! Uzaar tried it and die, at God Discretion You are alive

  81. Imam A S, u‘re jst a rat, u bloody coward! “wawa, jahili, sakarai irin ka.“ U‘ve jst made ur last comment!

  82. God will avenge speedily for the righteous.whether boko haram like it or not

  83. A dog dat wil go missing,will not hear his master’s whitles.shekau,u’re a mad dog,a faceless masquerade,a stinking pig. U who death smells around,a demonic influence lik u stil about God?u rotten satanic agent,an uncircumcised philistine;u filthy scavenger,ur dyz are numbered. U who shy away 4rm light n chose darkness;ur death will never elude u,ur lot shal b worst than doz of pharao n Nebucadnezar n wen u eventually die,even mother earth wil reject ur God 4saken corpse. Woes wil 4ever b upon u n ur likes in jesus name,Amen

  84. Thank U so much IMAM ABUBAKAR may ALLAH increase your health,dayz and make you more stronger than ever.

  85. breaking News Nigerians!!!
    The boko haram spokesman(abu qaqa) waa been arrested today……. Wooooooooooooo hahahahahahaahaha

  86. hmm. Pls and pls.. Stop doing it

  87. U fulish animal ashawo son who tell u dat is a teching of islam u caword fuk ur mother and all ur family, we the muslim are not suppoting u and we can support ur evil activities, why can u come out stupit idiot.


  89. It is God who created man. He should have forced adam and even not to eat from the tree but allowed them to choose even though he instructed them not to eat. When did God said you should fight for him? Now that you kill people are they going to do the religion you want? If no why and if yes how. If God was thinking the way you are then all mankind should not be living today. So watch out.

  90. You re an idiot,Allah will fonish you, where in islam that said kill inocent? you re not muselem at all, holy Qur’an said lakum dini kum walyadin.evry one go for his reliugen, re you blind? i knew you more that 12 yrs even that time you re jahili ilitrate….you hv to go an repeant cos u drive many ilitrate muslem out of islam you n your dead leader

  91. U ppl stop deceivn ur self n ppl dat undestand u not, d truth z u’r nt muslim & ur nt Nigerian but as u said wht u ar doin z d teachn of God in Quran whch verse? & amng d prophets dat God sent who amng thm God urge him 2read as u said Boko z Haram, evry sound muslim knw dis o ar u d only pious who knws islam beta thn others? u ar nothn but thugs recruitd by Obasanjo 4rm neghbourn country 2massacre us (northerners) afta he destoryd our companies & if wht u said z true why u restrct urslf only northern state ar we only muslim o there z no muslims at yuruba land? U beta change ur plan we hv details abt u.

  92. Hmm,i wonder dis nt fighten in da name of muslims,becouse a gud muslim wil nt kil any1 jst lik dat our religious is of peace and god said i’m d only parson that can judge you human being hav no ryt on wat so ever to judge ur fallow,so boko haram peopls pls change dis style cos u hav fail and our christain brotherz undrstand dat we tank god…

  93. Innalaha Ma’a sobirin”Allah is with those that are patient! Mr. Shekau we understood ur an enemy of Islam, the call 4 gov’t or CAN is jst a cover up. That we understood, many of u readers nd commenters tot dis guy is actually fighting what he claims to fight, but is just a blunt hypocracy cos the real nd main thing he nd his group are fighting is Islam! A lot will be saying, dis idiot is a muslim! A true believer nd a man of true faith need no much proof to know that. This guy is set to fight islam within nd out! His type had been in existance all through history, but non did succeed. U do not need to be a christain to read nd understand the teachings of christainity cos it is knowledge nd like wise islam or any faith. One thing 4 sure is faith is not just in wat u read nd understand but in total acceptance deep within ur heart. So 4 him to read. Verses nd call the name of the Almighty come not as a surprise. The muslims are ever ready to depend their deen nd as u said Allah is aware nd promise to protect and guard Islam. Still ur lost nd willing to continue the fight. To the christain readers ur not hurt as much as any true muslim is so be patient. The bombs nd the guns released do not just kill a police man or a soldier but a muslim nd a christain. Shekau nd ur group u may think ur bad, I bet u can never be worse than Pharoah in the fight agianst Islam, Allah got him nd the same way u will be gone too less u repent nd as for Allah forgiveness. Thank you Allah 4 making me one of the believers nd may ur wrath befalls the wicked nd hypocates. Amin

  94. This comment make me believe what some muslim are saying about Boko haram, Boko haram are not muslim , they are servant of devil, im a christian, but for all what i read, it shows that they are delibrately want to be kill, becs to preach the word of God is not by killing, Boko haram , i know all of you guys are going to perish one day….. fuck you all

  95. Kai shekau kake ko ubanwa wannan abubuwan da kukeyi yayi yawa amma kada ka manta zaka dan dana azabar zare rai kaima fa to don haka kayi gaggawar janye abun nan naka dan mai diga ma uwarka ruwan batir ga duri

  96. god will protect christains presdient let divide nig becouse no peace in north now.yesterday 25 christains hav die

  97. Nothng’s less than prayer, Oh! My pple’s God has known’s the one beside his religiou’s & througtful 2him, ok, let’s pray 4peace against the nation, but not 2against other part of ur choice.
    B’cos of surety 1s is in his right part, whle 1s is not.

  98. Dis shekarau or woteva he cals himsef is an imbesile period!

  99. im nt surprise dat u r dis stupid bt im amazd dat u r dis foolish…u r nt d 1st of ur kind 2 hide unda d shadow of figtin 4 God n u knw hw dey endd,deir deaths wer mor shameful n d lifes dey tok…if God is nt hapi wit us he sud snd dwn a blazin fire bals 2 kil us dan sndin u….God is no man dat he sud lie…wu r u 2 decid wat sud xtians do n nt do.. U knw d meanin of lif n its imprtanc 2 luvd ones….1day d hunta wud b d huntad.

  100. Allah SWA dint say dat, he said he who killed, shall enter hellfire, any body u killed his or her sin will b on ur head, so Shekau u knw in d Qu’ran Allah SWA said he who kill any 1, will die a painful death, is better 4 u 2 go and perform ABULTOIN, and tell ALLAH (SWA) 2 4giv u, he will 4giv u, but u much face all all wat u did, INNADILLAHI WAINNAHILIHI RAJU’UN. To allah we belong and 2 he we shall return,

  101. Boko Harams are FOOLS!!!

  102. I cal d reasons of d boko haram leader baseles. Prophet Muhamad was loved by both xtians nd jews of his time bcos he gave dem a free hand 2 practic their faith. He also forbid kilin of any inocent soul (includin in war situatin) you don’t understand islam let alone d Qur’an. D earlia u repent d beta 4 u odawise u ar headin towards evalastin doom. Islam can only b preachd tru conviction nd nt conpulsion.

  103. A rolling stone gathers no storm. These boko haram people keep emphasizing on western education but all the use are westernised. Doesn’t make much sense to me, they should go back to the stone age. All I get from this massage is that they are trying to islamise the country using jihad. God is not asleep, & Mr. Iman remember the evil that men do lives after/ with them. PEACE

  104. Why u did not write ur name or discribe ur self or u afraid BOKO HARAM ? So that my friend am advised u keep ur mouth so silent bcoz BOKO HARAM they dont have uniform or something that u can recorgnise them or one of them…. That’s what am advised u thank you

  105. yeah shekau! Really! Really! Really! We must fight 4 unbelievers,,

  106. Tanx 4 ur threat.

  107. If every one has the right to worship, why killing of our brothers in the eastern part of nigeria?

  108. this abu bakar guy should change his name to abu jahal because he carries no quality of abu bakr siddiq [ra] but the quality of abu jahal, abu sham [lana]. he should not be called imam at all, but a complete shayatin. we in islam dis-vow you. no evil is from what Muhammad [as] brought.

    i wish the security apparatus the best in getting this man and his followers dead and if alive for a lifetime behind bars. there is no room in islam to spread corruption and or lie on Allah, His Book, Religion, Messenger [as] and those who follow his footsteps.

  109. This is a set up, conspiracy made by CAN on NORTHERNERS esp, MUSLIMS in order to demolish. But, the first suspects 4 diz rzult they ar as follows; * d fmr president olusegun obasanjo. * the head of CAN professor Jeri gana as he often bailing d ex BH leader. The challege on Boko haram is; what is d relevant btw BH leader nd national christian leader.

  110. What i know is dat all those behine boko haram God will shouldly punish them in dis life & in d world 2 come.May peace rein in our country nigeria.Amen

  111. Mal. Shekau, u are nothin bt d son of d devil & u are really a gud son, bcos I surely bliv u will rot in hell wt ur fada (d devil) unless u repent. And know dis, no mata hw much u kill christians, burn churches or do anything against christianity, we will always raise again, even in ur headquartes Maiduguri, we will surely raise again, bcos our God is with us.

  112. Dont fight for God, he is able .

  113. A God that needs 2 b fought 4 by weak human beings cease 2 b d Almighty God. I d4 challenge our muslim brothers all over d world 2 lay down their swords,bombs,guns & matches & let Allah fight his enemies.

  114. ur papa 4 all d word u talk if u kn say u get mind show ur self why u dy hide,u dy talk about CAN leader wen e talk e own e hide e face why u no show ur self, look u tell u say una dy kill xtain there for una get power na will jst dy leave una bcus of d gud heart will get if will say make will fight, una no go reach a day una go die like mumu fish,wahala b like bicycle e no dy hard us start,so mrs big mouth queit dat dirty mouth of urs bcus una no dy serve God una quran devil book if me catch u 4 life i go put boris 4 ur lap.mumu fish were yerye net fit catch,were go fuck stone or if e pain u say will xtain too much go dance windek 4 lagos bridge mugu.

  115. ur papa 4 all d word u talk if u kn say u get mind show ur self why u dy hide,u dy talk about CAN leader wen e talk e own e hide e face why u no show ur self, look u tell u say una dy kill xtain there for una get power na will jst dy leave una bcus of d gud heart will get if will say make will fight, una no go reach a day una go die like mumu fish,wahala b like bicycle e no dy hard us start,so mrs big mouth queit dat dirty mouth of urs bcus una no dy serve God una quran were b devil book if me catch u 4 life i go put boris 4 ur lap.mumu fish were yerye net fit catch,were go fuck stone or if e pain u say will xtain too much go dance windek 4 lagos bridge mugu.

  116. U idiot, were is usama binladin? Were is mohd yusuf? Were is gaddafi? u full dis is a lesson, u beter repent cos nemises will soon catch with u

  117. To the boko haram,you people will have to do a lots of killings almost half of the worlds’ population are Christians.Rest percentage shared among other religion including Islam.You can never harm the children of God and go scot-free,never.The soul that sinneth shall surely die.JESUS IS LORD.

  118. Shekau abi na wetin b ur name! U don’t derserve 2 hav d tym 2 even finished all thiz ur rubbish! Justice must b done! U MUST B KILL ALSO! 4 killin innocent ppl both xtian/muslimz!

  119. u ar such an idiot i’m nt goin 2 cal u imam! U ar a pig, do u tink can fight on behalf of God? U must be stupid! U knw 1 tin i knw about murderers s dat dey ar bastards nd dey dnt have respect 4 der mother nd also 4 ya info violence s nt d solution!!! U ar such a hill billy!

  120. i applaud my muslim brodas who hav come out 2 condem d so called imman…they hav jst shown dat d man dsnt represent and speak d idiologies of true muslims…but ders a particular person dat commented and his name is mahmood,i tink he supports d imam.he shld b condemed 2.tanx.

  121. Are u preachn islam or violence? Islam is a religion of peace nd nobodi i repeat can fight Almighty Allah battle 4 him cos u re an ordinary mortal! Suratul kafirun said it al… Nor shal u worship which i worship, nor wil i worship which u worship, u ve ur religion,i ve my religion. Shikena! So allow oda religion 2 worship their God. U cant coerce pple 2 worship ur religion. Nigeria is a multi-religion state. And dis western educatn u re condemn is a reasn y we can understd u a little,if nt did d whole of nigeria speaks ur language?

  122. We r nt surprised bcos Christ has already said it dat tym shall come wen those dat kill us will tink dat they r doin service for man do u know dat u will live till eternity. Eternity in hell or in heaven. Wat shall it profit u to spend ur eternity in hell wt d devil n gnash ur teeth in pain.dnt u know dat killin is a sin and those dat kill will go to hell.pls allow God to fight his battle only an angel can finish wat uve spent 11yrs fightin in just a minute. Pray to God wt all ur heart and ask Him to tell u d truth btw Islam and Christainity.cry to Him and ask Him to reveal whom Jesus Christ is.dis is a serious matter, i was born a muslim or Christain dosnt count here dis involve ur eternal life. Why cant u pray now open ur hearth to Him he sees in secret and i know he must reveql d truth to u

  123. Boko haram he no,go,beter,for,u,and,ur,alah,every,hausa,in,nigerial,God,go,punish,u,i,don”t,care,whatever,u,say,but,i,no,thart,muslim,are,not,educated,idiot,stupid,cowards,from now,ward,the,norther place,there,will,no,peace,in,ur,land,ur,son,will,die,in,bomb,and,ur,wife,will,die,in,acident,God,will,never,forgive,u,i,will,kill,u,parsonal,idiot,nothing people good for nothing,up,christian,down,hausa,alam,for,fansy,atiku,idiot,may,god,punish,u,all,boko,haram,call,me,good,luck.


  125. b4 makg any coment on d leta, it beholds a right thinkg person 2 know wat islam realy means nd its teachgs and then justapoxed with d actions of dis sect

  126. Thats the voice of a drowning man. u are not a practising moslem so shut up and instead tell us who are sponsoring you to create this division. do not tempt a religious war cos thats what devils like u want to suck blood.

  127. I believe in evry attack(fight) there must be a self defence,talking about killing d muslims?is asolutly d plain truth cos they always start d killing especially here in plateau state and i believe no body wil fold his hands and wait 4 d so call murderers 2 kill him or her.Evn God him self said help ur self and i wil surly help u.letz embrace peace and wil surly liv long on earth.God! Have mercy upon your children.

  128. All i believe is all muslims are boko haram,islam never preaches peace at all! And i believe u d muslims knw u are only talking 2 cover up.those that convertd frm islam 2 christianity have explain 2 us in details that islam logo’d 2 crossd swords is main 4 d christians 2 be killd with it etc and dnt u(muslims)waste ur mouth telling us that islam preaches peace.God wil surly destroy all of u 1 aftr d othr.

  129. Its quite unfortunate! Because HELL is expanding for people who think they know and are following the truth, being decieve by devil not giving God a chance to show them the right path(but always praying like that_while having their answer closer by in JESUS) untill they reach their destruction. O God pls bless them and open their eyes to the truth in JESUS.

  130. Evry body must die! Including u mr. Leader. Keep it up! A day is coming in which none of your connections, strenght, money,arms,protection,skills,wisdom and know-how will help u. Maybe ‘i was fighting 4 u’ wud save u!

  131. Boko haram leader, mr coward, don’t hide under d umbreller of religion to potrai your selfish and wicked desire. God cannot be helped, allow him to fight for himself. God created u so stop fooling ur self. Listen, he that live with d sword shall die by d sword. We pray GOD to ARREST u just as he did to soul on his way to Damascus to persecute d christian. His story changed from soul to paul, an apostle. So shall it be in Jesus name.

  132. des r d last days.who is dis propaganda paradin his ur evil rotten face.if truly what u r doin is right & justified y go into hiding & sendin odas to die.come out coward & show urself dat is braverly.u can only desive ur felow muslims.point of correction Jesus is d son of God who volunteered himself to come & save d world not a servant of God hipocrist.countinue ur killing he dat live by d sword shall also die by d sword.d day of reckonin is coming FOOLS

  133. Boko haram are fools…

  134. D set of fools i hate is d bokoharam,nt jxt deir leader bt d baboon dat die every day. D wise fool (d bokoharam leader wil stay in his hide out yl he wil comand does fool to die den dey wil do it …..d question is y wount he allow himselve on a sucide mision since he want to die 4 religion bt d oda mumu wil go kil dem selve nd increase d population of hell,…bt no mattar wat u all wil b brought to book FOOLS

  135. If u realy want to die 4 ur religiony nt come out openly so dat we wil knw u ar bokoharam if i wil nt trust a bottle into ur throat

  136. stop thinking in a wrong way i,ts Evil

  137. My fellow Nigerians, many are quiet over all thats happening but God has heard our prayers and He has spoken evidenced with revelations. Nigeria is about to undergo an endtime purification that will purge us of curruption and instill a terrible fear of God. These evil principalities are about to come face justice, the black smoke is turning white and soon thrones will be shattered and God will prove He alone is enthroned. Pray on brothers; justice is just by the corner. God bless Nigeria, the triger of Africa.

  138. The evil that men do lives after can u show someone d right path by killing an innocent person?4 all i care U are jst a sycophant,charlatan and even a lab rat.Repent or God ll judge u.

  139. To Boko Haram;d cries of mothers 4 their dead children wil surely fish u out,d cries of orphans 4 their parents wil neva allow u go unpunished. D fire of d Holy Ghost wil continually toture u evn in ur hideout,AMEN!!

  140. To BokoHARam leader.
    D noble prophet u claim, never treated humans lik u do. U c now instead of being happy that u won battle, u are now hiding ur self and u can’t even walk within ur street. The merciful Lord (Allah) that u claim is ur protector, will surely protect u not to have his mercy in d hereafter. Advisably u should go to any nearest sharia court and face d panel….

  141. This people (Boko Haram) are not Muslims. No religion has ordered you to kill anybody. Qurán is logical in all its words. Qurán has informed us how to relate with other religion and tells us categorically that there is no compulsion in religion. This people called Boko Haram are serving their interest. The holy Prophet Mohammad (S.A.W.) was sent as a mercy to the entire universe not only Muslims. He was very compassionate, merciful and humble.

  142. We condemned the jungle justice met with Mohammad Yusuf (the leader of Boko Haram) and we sympahize with him. Remember that does not mean that i believe in his ideology. They have to learn from our holy prophet Mohammad (s.a.w.) when he migrate to Abysinia and some other places, he was persecuted to the extent that one of his teeth was removed but when the angel Jibril came to him and said, Allah said i should ask you what should i do to those that did this to you, he replied: O Allah guide these people for they do not know whom i am and that was why they did to me.

  143. The question i wanted to ask Boko Haram is that: Should everybody be killed because Mohammad Yusuf was unjustly killed? Where have they learn Islam from? Is it from the teaching of Islam? NO. These people are not acting according to Quranic injunction and the practice of the holy prophet Mohammad (s.a.w). My advice to them is that let them fear ALLAH and respect the religion of Islam and they should stop serving their whims and caprices. I pray to Almighty Allah to guide them unto the path of the holy prophet.

  144. so far your BOSS Osama Bin Laden die surly you must die. stop thinking in a wrong way. or why you dont kill only musilm and live others?

  145. wat is all dis boko harram of a thing.& he called him self a muslim even a chief imam i think it is now time 4 we nigeria 2 fight all dis boko harram so dat dey will not think dey ar wiser.

  146. Mr Boko Haram, you are such a fool…so you know how powerless and dumb your so called ALLAh is that he cant fight but use animals like you muslims to kill the true and almighty God’s creation..then when the all powerful army of President Jonathan catches you people, yet your barbaric KORAN and ALLAH will do nothing to save you… come out if your nonesense ALLAH is alife and powerful. It is only in KORAN that animals like you can find purpose. I pray that the USA should burn your colleague Abdul Muttalab Faruk as they did Osama Bin Laden, already it is an established fact that NO MUSLIM or NORTHERNER can become the President of Nigeria for now…soon the army of President Jonathan will get you and cut off your dick..see what happened to Ghaddafi and Saddam Hussein yet you are still deaf and blind…how foolish you are to keep following such an old wooden ALLAH. I pity your family they must be weeping for you or they are probably cursed by the true and living God with a demon like you. hahahahahahahahahahahah

  147. can u fight 4 God, boko haram, is sceneless group killing both muslims and christians. what do u guyz(group) truely want. please, can u name ur price and stop killing the innocent.

  148. Wat i gat 2 say is dat no matter what d trick d devil is using, as long as holy ghost is still on earth, i must make heaven, boko haram can nt stop me, pls be focus on ur 2moro, nd wat is dat heaven my brodas, job 22:29, when men are cast down den thou will dere is liftin up my 2moro is secure, work wit ur faith am @.

  149. Sodiq, if boko haram ar fightin 4 selfishnes ar u supose to judge them?, if u ar a muslim, u shld try nd cntrol u anger,cos anger leads to our speech nd only God knws were our speech is leading us to. Boko haram or watever hav neva for once gone to d market place to diffuse any bomb, nor have dey gone to garage, mosque, school, or any advantageous social gathering to diffuse it, they are always working on places of islamic-vices like football show hall, churches, police station nd rende-vouz of our stupid government nd our international non-islamic nation wich build to our own un-productivness, i wil advice any christain masses on dis thread to please reason with me nd avoid being a victim of boko haram by avoiding to visit places dat is nt going to b on deir favour on d day of qiyamat/judgement, ur so called god or messiah have neva for once not cared for his people, nor visit any social amusement vices area during his days. He was a good messanger. Try nd see d trut.

  150. So u wat to turn nigeria to lslamic country,u dey crazy,infact l caused d mother who born u,l caused d dog who released inside u mother and l caused d day u were born.u son of a fellow christian don’t be surprise,dis useless muslim is an antichrist,pls watch and pray.Watin den dey called u self idiot imam,l know one day one day u will be caught&u ar goin to die like ur people osama e.t.c and ur flesh will be feed to rott -dogs.stupid telling christain to turned to dere religion.May hell wit u and ur religion.D Lord of covenant keeping GOD,D LorD Of lsreal,l AM that l AM,D Athor are d finisher will destroy u,those who sponsor u and ur general family in the SON of GOD Name(JESUS) AMEN. coward ,thief,uglygoat, ur days are number.Amight JESUS wil continue to protect&guide Our president(Goodluck)and his family.Amen.second term no shaking u hav not see anything blco u ar going to die.

  151. Mad man

  152. Even Mohammed can not say that, he came out publicly to herald his believes, you’re evil and bunch of thieves and soon you’ll fine your Waterloo.

  153. this guy is very stupid. if he never had western education then what is he using in writing our president. you are not the first to cause pain to people. the same way other died that’s how you’ll die. if you want your country then leave us alone and go form your own where you know you can achieve your selfish desires. you are looking for cheap popularity and i bet you, you will die very soon. i hate you with passion and sure every other person do.

  154. LET ME categorically state here that no man….fights for GOD…..he can fight for himself….you make ur GOD look weak by doin wat u r doing….islam does not preach violence….why ten have u twisted d pages of the qu’ran to suit ur selfish desires…..may d wrath of GOD be ur portion…..

  155. I am a christian nd quiet sure boko boys are not real muslim! Cos i hv so many frds dat are muslim nd does’nt act dat way.

  156. Wat u r doin x nt d ryt tin, u r takin judgement upon urselves whch x surposed to b takin by Allah (d ol mighty) so indirectly u r chalangin Allah, bcz u r showin him dat he cnt handle his creation until u handle it 4 him, nd d prophet(S.A.W) said “min husnil islamin mar’i tarkuhu ma la ya’anihi”..”it x good n islam to leave wat does nt concern u” so r u leavin wat does nt concern u? NO! Cz takin judgement x 4 only Allah nt his creatn. Nd even dou muslims were killed d prophet said do nt replace a bad deed wit a bad one, rather replace a bd one wit a good one so please dnt fight fire wit fire n u knw d meanin of islam which x peace, so shw peace rather dan violence.

  157. Sometimes we think diff, is not that young man’s fault; d fault is 4rm his follower. What is bad is bad, bcos they encourages him so he felt aåàm am right with what am saying and doing. Believe me what ever a man sow he must surely ripe. It is well with 9ja.

  158. boko haram or anything you guys called ur self, christ himself said this, ‘that his people wil be persecuted even right in the church’ that is the sign of the end time, to we christains’the name of the lord is a strong tower the rightouse run into it and they were saved’ God ‘Jesus’ is our strenght, to hell with boko haram.

  159. Fellow nigerians; this is completely a drama. We should beware! Let’s be prayerful and @ the same time watchful. I really want to say something but neither did I know where to start nor what to say. Everytime I pick my phone and read people’s comment on public issues most especially on the ”Boko Haram” issue I wept inside me for the way people express there ignorance with boldness thinking they know. What we learn from the media are not always the true, what our government told us are not always the true, what we ourselves say is not pure but mixtures of both. Then why are we making judgement of all sorts. My profound condolensces to the families of the berieved. I wonder why it is so easy for humanbeings to take the life another human. Who can really explain this? I do not think there is justification for man killing man since death is imminent. My only concern here is every killer should bear in mind that one day the cock will crow no longer. I want to add that Boko Haram is wrong, our government are wrong, the media power house is wrong, the world power is wrong.You and I are wrong. All of us are wrong. You may not understand me and it is not a must that you should. The era of colonisation and slavetrade has long gone but still exist and the one we are experiencing now God forbid may last for eternity ”Colonisation of the brain”.May Allah save us from this! This is the problem facing all the third war and developing countries initiated by the few in the so called developed countries to direct the affair of the whole world. This is practically impossible, but could be more simpler than we thought if we all keep dancing to the tune of their “PROPAGANDA” like we have been propagandiously complying. My advice is that we should remember that every soul we be responsible for even an atom of weight of his/her deed. So, let us be mindful of what we say and how we say it. May God restrain all those with the intent of destroying this country. May God bless NIGERIA!!!

    • Am very hapi to see someone like you. You ve said the truth we are all afraid off. This issue most of us are ignorant of. We fail to realise dat d time has come wether we wake up or not we are part of it. The preparatory stage of the war of d end time. We are all deviating from d truth. It is not d issue of nigeria but whole world. Pls to those parties conerned stop killing innocent pple.

  160. Christians!!!!! Repent nw! Mind u! D mission of this sect is given by D Devil 2 kill xtians b4 they ar prepared 4 heaven nd ignorant ppl b4 they hav chance 2 yield 2 D Gospel of Salvation. Remenber; if u miss JESUS u miss HEAVEN nd if u miss HEAVEN u make HELL! JESUS is D only 1 dat can save u 4rm eternal doom datz Y HE is D PRINCE OF PEACE

  161. abbubarka sherau, ur a big fool 2 come out in public 2 accuse christains of killin muslim.

  162. There’s only one question i want to ask these Boko Haram people:
    Has the God they serve told them to kill???

  163. i av lived in the north for d past 8yrs,i av bin to kano, kaduna, funtuwa dats kastina, tudunwada dats kano,i av been in sokoto during d time of dasuka the late emire of my greatest surprise about this so called bokoharam;
    i schooled in the north most of our leaders den are from the north now is the time of the ppl frm the south east and everybody is carryin arms all in the name of bokoharam,the only way out is for nigeria to divide even the colonial masters dat joined us together stated it dat we joinin together is like mixing oil and water together.jonathan please dats d only way out

  164. Salam, Mr Boko Haram.I greet u in the name of God Most merciful most Holy.i have gone thru all you have said thoroughly and will humbly like to comment.First i am building my faith in God’s holiest prophet/servant the Lord Jesus Christ&my hope/prayers always is to die a xtian even thou i’m not a xtian yet.i was born into the faith&gospel of Jesus.Pls xtianity is not a religion but an unquenchable faith in Christ’s gospel of peace,holiness&righteous living in God’s fear&love.Not only your members&muslims have been killed,every innocent nigerian have suffered deaths&injuries from your members,the nigerian police force,ritualists,MEND,armed robbers,politicians&a very corrupt government.God has no religion,but prophets&teachers of holiness&righteousness.Following you doesnt translate to loving or following God.What xtians know or should know about Jesus is no nobody’s business,but God’s&the Holy Bible’s&this has nothing to do wit your faith.Once again Salam,thanks&may God have mercy on you&forgive you&your members.

    • Greetings in the most Holy Name of Our Lord Jesus,the Christ;the begotten Son of God.Brother i jst write 2 encourage u 2 accept Jesus now.He luvs u as u knw and His waitn 4 u 2 turn 2 Him.Dnt b afraid or ashamd,it is d most interestn thing to do.Take dat bold step 2day.GOD BLESS U REAL GOOD.08062241446.U can reach me wt dat if u need help.

  165. Boko haram, let God fight is war by his self do not fight 4 God. Pls let D will of God be done………. Nigeria are not smiling

  166. I cant jst believe a real human being will be talkn lyk dis. If u really knw u ar real muslim jst quote d verse of quran dat support wat u ar doing to we nigerians. To those idiots supporting dis mumu, take note ur days ar numbered

  167. Hmmn..!oh! Allah!y is dis happenin?people lik dis dnt suppose to live.BOKO HARAM,u ar tryin to bring Religion war into our country,dats unfair!remember!dat Allah is the perfect one,n also d Judge!we all owe Death!on d day of judgement,u face it alone…ur days ar numbered!

  168. Oh sum pple jst wake up 1dy wit der dirty mouth 2 insult der creator,anyway 1person can cook 4 d nation bt wen d nation cook 4 him he cant finish it,u c y u shouldnt b against d crowd tink abt it,we cant flee dis country bcos of u pple,note dat!!

  169. What a pity! this man needs psychiatric attention, i guess he has brain disorder, i pray he should come out so that they can help him and fix his brain properly also, Buhari is using them as political war weapons to express himself to the public over his last election, what a big “cover up”. For your information to your killing caucus, every drop of blood of innocent souls will surely cry out from the ground and you people and your generations will pay back in full coin.

  170. The holy bible says those who kill by sword will also die by sword, he that plants a ear will he not hear. Imam shekrau the leader of boko ha ram supposing you are the God of this world many souls would have been buried,there is no religious discrimination in this country but you are trying to build that foundation.Neither Jesus nor prophet Mohammed practice this system but you are trying to impose it. If you are trying to revenge remember that God is the only avenger, if you are draconian that can’t help the country.Stop allowing rats to dance in the cat doorway and stop insulting the crocodile before you cross the water. Be amiable and amenable to the Christians we were created with dust and shall return to that dust. The tragicomedy of people is what dies inside them while they lives. I am not trying to take side of any religion but trying to influence peace in our country Nigeria. Long live Nigeria!! Long live our leaders!! Long live the people!!

  171. U boko haram or what u called urself , about all u said, remember dat what u sole u’ll reap and there’s no one dat can fight for God. You said u are fighting for God and you are killing the image of God, Notice this as the Lord liveth u people will not go on punish, coz u av started it and u will see it. God that we christian serve is God of vengeance and he will surely revenge all the soul you wasted speedily and all your generation we see the wrath of God and you people and your sponsor will not go unpunish as the lord we christians were serving is living.

  172. Read the nonsense this man is chatting. This has nothing whatsoever to do with religion, rapture or any of that stuff. Nigeria will have US/NATO led troops on her soil and Boko Haram serves as the pretext. This is exactly what is taking place in Syria right now (Foreign supported terrorist) and exactly what took place in Libya.

    This is all about resources and geo-politics. America/NATO want dominion over African resources and to keep China out. Simple as that.

    If Nigerians, Christians and Muslim alike, allow themselves to be distracted by the nonsense this fool is chatting then look to Libya for a glimpse of your future.

    • blind leading the blind, u are very write , dat is just the truth of the matter, it is a very big conspiracy, if this was mastermind in nigeria by nigerians we ought to have understand the story. this is surely the handwork or the help of foreign country or countries trying to disstabalize our country. let us remind strong and be prayerful for God’s intervention.

  173. End time prophecies manifesting itself in our faces and we sit and watch BIG BROTHER AFRICA cool dude but remember repent!!!

  174. Bokoharam,u ar ignorant of what u ar saying..u wnt 2 establish social justice 4 d masses by slaughterin d masses dat hv neva offended u in anyway? hmmmmmm..i 1da y nigerian muslim clerics(sultan sokoto,emirs of kano,minna,gombe etc) cnt publicly denounce boko haram 2 convince christians dat u ar nt muslims..d blood of d innocent ppl u kill wl neva let u rest in peace.

  175. Ah,muslim pple it is time to call yourselves to order,did u tink somone can fight for God and if truly u ar fighting for Him,has he ordered u 2 kill,or in ur own quran:is it not written that thou shall not kill.moreso,Religion is a mata of choice which nobody has any right to choose for someone,to talk on education,if those who are producing bomb,gun,are not educated,can it be done.even you yorself,if u are not educated how can u speak English to express yourself,just 2 mention but a few.dont u know that you and your gang have placed a wrath of God on yourselves.God will judge you for killing innocent souls.

  176. Pls boko stop killing d Children of God he is the one to judge becos he said in his word dat shall nt judge judgement is of d lord . U r comting sin d more by killing ur fellow human being turn from ur evils ways God can still use u to win soul for heaven. Heaven is real!

  177. Am sorry we Nigerian of different religions. No one should critized the other religion to let peace reign. We religions should stop killing other religions believing we are doing the best thing in protecting their GOD b/cos b4 we where born GOD was existing. He has the power to protect his self, but one thing i know at the last day the truth must seem. Through killing people that GOD destined to develop our country is eliminated we will end up been poor all over world.thanks I LOVE YOU ALL

  178. Every muslim and even some good xtians knew that these BH are not real muslims bcuz all what they are doing is not what our religion and our prophet tougt us. So xtians do not judge islam according to what some badeggs among us are doing . Judge it accoding to quran and hadith

  179. imam abubakar shekau or wat ever they call u.u r a dead man GOD has punished all ur generation u will die like ur evil fello osama.all d rest of ur misrable life will b desaster.n any move u make at this point.will b ur last.ur time is up.go 2 hell n c ur 21 vegins

  180. If God give a persons name, the name remain the way it’s. (Genesis 16:12). Abubakar shekau, your words never changed anything in christian faith. If u think u can make it, why re u hiding urself b4 making noice? U even send the elitret muslims to die a surcide bombing, why not u bomb urself, to show that u re helping that ur god to bring more soul to him?.

  181. u boko haramas are stupid nd fearful.if u guys are nt afraid y nt show ur beast faces.JESUS is d son of GOD nd nt a prophet.d bible says vengence is of d lord.d end tym is near.U SHAL BE CONDEMN TO ETERNAL DAMNATION.U guys are d BEAST of d end tym.PSYCH!

  182. blind leading the blind, u are very write , dat is just the truth of the matter, it is a very big conspiracy, if this was mastermind in nigeria by nigerians we ought to have understand the story. this is surely the handwork or the help of foreign country or countries trying to disstabalize our country. let us remind strong and be prayerful for God’s intervention.

  183. Boko haram ur mission as regard to killing of innocent n distroy of property, wht do u gain, are we animals to be misled at dis model tym gone r d days religious leader decieve our fellow brothers 4 their selfish interest. becos when a blind man leads a blind man they wd end up sinking into a verly, stop pretending dt u are fighting 4 God,God is capable to distroy who soever u are no matter ur person or position.

  184. We need 2 think in dis country, D country u hv freedom 2 do wot u wise. Y sum sect of pple cal themselve ‘boko haram’ want pple 2 do their religious by force, this is stupid tin, killing pple, bomding many life nd properity, this is nt true religion if wot quran teach u, dnt move in a senseless path again nd let peace rain in naija. Dnt let 1967 history repeat again in our precious country ” NAIJA”.

  185. I can’t even pick a point 4rm what this guy is saying. May God just spare us

  186. Boko haram ua doin what is not right, if u know the implication of what ua u wouldn’t have say ua serving God, God has never say u should kill ur fellow human being bco’s of any reason

  187. imam or abubaka, i dn’t even no ur stpide name n were u came 4rm. were is’ent written in ur quran dat u will fose somebody 2 join ur religion? were?. infact u ar a devil incanate , al u want, is 4 d christian 2 kill d innocent muslem in Nigeria. Devil u will nt succede in JESUS NAME Amen.

  188. i tink d best way to address ds issue is by speeking d truth , both christians nd muslems shud stop d killings bcuz many muslems hv been kill in various places especialy in d northern states places lyk southern kaduna , jos , nd tafawa balewa in bauchi state. hundred of muslems hv been killed dere no body talk abt it. we shud do it equaly dat’s we shud stop siding one side.

  189. I giv credits 2 d muslems who ve commented wisely. Imam Shehu just note that God wil visit u if u fails 2 repent. I presumed that u(imam shehu) are jobless thats why u are receiving that #500 4rm ur sponsors. A gun shooter must die by d gun,d bomber must b killed by a bomb. This is ur(imam shehu) portion in jesus name…….AMEN

  190. According 2 d Prophet(SAW), call people 2 d right path, call people 2 islam. But without compulsion

  191. Boko haram or what do you called yourself, you guys are a big fool, am a full time muslim and a practicing one, Jihad in islam is not in anyway related to what you idiots translated it to, Islam is a religion of peace, I wonder what come over you fools. Jihad in Holy Quran is to put people through the right path and not to kill, I will never agree that you bastards are muslim. Afterall we have rights to religion, if you preach to someone to accept one religion and the person turn you down is it a crime? Is better you jobless BH seek for forgiveness. May the course of Allah (SWT) be upon your generation you foolish people that want to spoil Islam.

  192. Mr boko haram, when were you ? Your days are numbered. Why do you hide, if you have stop boko then why are you using their products, just wait for your death.

  193. my friend na you know wetin u dey tok,is ur own islam different?we dont preach violence u know wtin you dey gain wit ppl blood wey u dey waste

  194. All what this section(bokoharam) or what eva they call themselve has been doing is inhuman and unislamic. Islam does nt preach violence and blood shed. U people ve being killing innocent souls even including ur fellow muslims. Let me tell u guyz,God is nt happy about all these,he did nt order u to judge any of his creatures bcos he created the christains that u guyz are after.
    Please,u guyz should have a rethink if nt 4 everybody,atleast 4 the sake of our women and children cos these set of people are always helpless in situation like this. I am a muslim and not a terrorist. God bless Nigeria!

  195. John 16:1-4. “They shall put you out of d synagoues (Churches). In fact, a time is coming when those who kill you WILL THINK THEY OFFER GOD A SERVICE. They will do all these things because they have not known the Father or Me. I tell you these things so that when the time comes you shall not stumble”. (JOHN 16:1-4) Boko Haram , Al-qaeda, Taliban etc are just fulfilling some of d end time signs given by our Lord Jesus in d Holy Bible. More about endtime signs in d books of Mathew 24-1-end, Daniel, Revelation…jst to mention but a few.

  196. ISLAM is a religion of PEACE…islam preaches peace and harmony…jst luk at dis illustration…imagine ur father,moda,elder ones,younger ones,wife and children of u(being a Husband)Being Killed bcoz of their consciousness on religion(ISLAM) OR if u r a Child wen they ar killing ur Father and relatives bcoz of Islam…wu is left to guid d child… What du u tink dat child will bcom…? CAN U accpt God’s faith if u ar lyk d HUSBAND or d BOY??? Just ask ur self!!! It’s bcoz many dont knw wat d Gvmnt and som Sect of Indecent Christians Has done to d muslims silently in d North… Anyway Solution to dis Nagging problem is dat Preach to d Gvmnt and dos bad christians to stop dia underground BADS on d MUSLIMS and dat is wat d BokoHaram are fighting4…

  197. Terrible things did really happened without the Government taking prompt action to address them. Many victims of crisis were clamped into detention,while the perpetrators walked on four legs in the areas mentioned by Abubakar Shekau. But time has come for them to stop their avenge action by killing innocent people.Many killings of muslims took place in Plateau state for over 11 years without action. The Yelwa massacre was the watershed,coupled with the Kuru Karami,where hundreds of innocent muslims were burried alive and in wells and pits but was hardly reported and no one is in jail for those crimes.But after counting for these loses,it is wrong for Mr Shekau to take revenge on innocent people. The Holy Qur,an specifically condemned the killing of innocent people,whether christians or muslims.The Holy Qur,an also forbit compulsion in religion..Qur,an 109 v 1-6. So it is time to imbibe dialogue and stop killing innocent Nigerians.In fact many christians condemned in strong terms the extrajudicial execution of your leader at the hands of the police.

  198. imam or wah…wat eva u cal ur self,u and ur sect. are disgrace to islam as a religion. What u are sending out to Nigerians is,we need to DIVIDE. It wil soon take place. It can only take time.

  199. Mr Abdul shut dat ur dirty mouth there by sayin many Muslims were kill during jos crisis”, I was there it was d Muslims dat started the killing and every1 were affected both Christian and Muslims, even d Muslims were killing children, women,babies too, which is very sad…I really don’t want to fink back abt d jos crisis cos am gonna start cryin… But I repeat shut ur stupid Islamic mouth cos ur very stupid 4 sayin Christians killed Muslims.nonsense malo boy!

  200. This Boko Haram pipl,u amuse me o.U cant mak us Christians 2 folo ur religion.Never!U stupd man,wot do u cal urself,abdul or wot?stp d kilin of inocent pipl! Idiot

  201. Boko haras or what u cal ur self u are the most senceless person i have ever seen. Stupid set of people ur time will soon be up. Idiot u can kill the whole world i don’t care. No one is afraid of u idiots.

  202. Dis is total bullshit…….you’re human…..mere mortal….how dare u compel another to follow ur own so call true religion……….Now i dont give a fuck wat u think….or wat u guys belief……..i have read de Quran stated de is no act of killing to subdue another…why then do u practise it huh? Thank ur stars ain’t no president of de Nigeria..u guys will be extint….fuck u!

  203. Thats a big crack from d is only a fool dat will ever think he can fight for His creator..what u people have done to this country is a sheer wickedness and also the worst history ever.But mind u that the bible said behold he that keepeth isreal shall neither slumber nor sleep,,so the God that keepeth d christrians is never asleep….bokoharam very soon all of u will be cast into the pit of hell unless u repent and follow the christian part.

  204. PLEASE


  206. A big fool Abubakar SHEKARAU and his followers and the believers of Islam as the only true religion are… in fact they should ask themselves why is it only the followers go to kill themselves in a suicide bombing and their leaders still live and take over their wive and properties!!!It is a shame on MUSLIMS who are constantly BRAIN WASHED AND HYPNOTIZED. If there was no so called WESTERN EDUCATION would there have been hospitals to heal your women and children?
    It is high time you Muslims should ask your so called god to fight for himself and stop killing innocent women and children because your objective it not to stop WESTERN EDUCATION but to INFEST ILLITERACY AND POVERTY to the masses while you and your unidentified collaborators enjoy in wealth and death of the others.Animals…

  207. u are one big fool and also a devil incarnate……. Allah gives life and also takes at his will so why would he want u to help him when he can do and undo….. stop misleading people in the name of Islam … if u really know the meaning of islam you should be ashamed of urself…. islam is a religion of peace so why would it send u to kill if its a religion of peace… was this the Prophets activities during his existence? i guess he will really be disappointed at u and ur actions…. you are lost in totality, the devil is waiting for u in hell……..if u believe you are fighting for the cause of Islam and Allah… please stop hiding and killing people come out and prove ur self to the world that is the same Allah that we worship is the same wit urs cos i dont tink its the Allah i worship that you worship too…… may Allah have mercy on you ……. Boko Haram

  208. One can clearly differentiate a spade from a shovel..hiding under a religon to carry out destructive agenda is a sacrilage and unholy..i dnt thinks islam preaches why d violence.0 this is a clear activities of terrorism nd people with no law or religion…let there b peace broda!

  209. Bokoharam or what r u so cald? There are different religions practised in Nigeria. So if other religious group should start fighting or killing,what do you thnk we remain? I plead You and Your Companies to stop this habit. Allow GOD to fight for Himself. If througly You Are serving God.

  210. In the conclution Imam the judgement is not belong to any prophet,angel, not to talk of we human being, we are no where when God Almighty is creating the world so dont lets compiar our self to him by take over what he said he belong to him,or did u know the meaning of alif,lam’mim or yaa,sin? so think other wise and seek fogiveness from Allah No body is perfect to the standard of judge others pls if we look or act on way people behave they may lead us to be sinner now mallam look @ what all people are talk its all about you are not did it right,why? cos you take revenge of what goverment did to the leader, but does that happen durring jonathan regim so Amir saitan is our great enemy its not too late if you can see and read these let people acept our religion by our Atitude & our way of life true islam is all about peace, all prophet preach through out there ilfe. asalam aleakum waramatullahi wabarakatu!!! ma salam

  211. I read quran everyda and i did nt see any where inwhich it is writen dat we shuld kill nt even sum1 dat offneg us. God did nt giv us d right to fight 4 ourself so dis bokoharam are nt only against the christains bt also the muslim vast

  212. This guy is under the influence of drugs or curses . He is not a true Muslim!. He said he was fighting for GOD.Which GOD was he talking about?. Does he really have an idea of who GOD is?. The living being that will fight for GOD is not yet created and will never be created. Last time I heard that some group of guys like him were asking the president of negotiate with them. Ok, these guys arranging negotiation on behalf of them are the real criminals. After killing and shedding innocent blood. If it’s real that this guy wrote this message to the president them it means The President and real Nigerian are winning already and thr tracking down of these guys should not stop until the last guy is taken down. Pikin wey say him mama no go sleep him sef no go take eye see sleep.
    Lastly this guy is not a problem,he is just a tool,the biggest problem is that the enemies eats and dine with our leader. Don’t worry our President,this guy and his guys will surely turn around against those that are sponsoring them soon. As for me I have started hearing the beating of the drum. These guys are getting out of control in the hands of those that invented them. Watch out!!!.

  213. Am a northern christian nd ‘ve stayed wit muslims 4 over 20 years now n therefore i knw most of their teachings against the xtians. Plz muslims shld nt try in any way to convince us Christians dat there religion is a religion of peace. 4rm my recent research i got 2 find out dat M.shekau is doing exactly wat the socalled Quran teaches. It has been mention in ur book dat any1 who dosnt belive or was a beliver nd tries 2 convert shld be killed or else he or she wil expose d secret teachings. So y wil u guyz say diz man is nt doing as d Quran teaches? 4 those of us xtians dat wants to knw more abt what d quran teaches, plz read the english translation of the quran n u al wil agree wit me dat its wat they were charged to do.

  214. In the reallity, killing is not a crime or forbiden. What is a crime is the justification. Does BOKO have the justification to kill? If the answer is NO, then they have to stop or be switched off like you switch off power immediately. But what if the answer is Yes? Then advice them on who to kill or give them a list of all corrupt Nigerian politicians. The corrupt Nigerian Politicians are worst than THE BOKO BOYS or is it because they are not officially registered? As a political party. Think of it the registered parties are killing more Nigerians every second than the Boko boys are doing every 24hrs. Think and think and think again. You may arrest me now but this is my conclusive opinion or analysis of Nigerian problem Boko or no Boko, it makes no diff.

    • allahhhh….how can you think that you are the purest and the most closest to allah…..allah says your good deed can only be accepted through his wish… could u now think that killings of people is a good deed from allah….some one who is not heartless cant do this.lets hear the real truth from you.

  215. Jesus Christ is the only way of truth and righteousness no one can go 2 d father(GOD) except tru him moreover u cnt claim 2 knw d father nd not d son_JESUS CHRIST.

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