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Cleric Warns: Don’t Be Carried Away By Fuel Subsidy,Relegating Boko Haram









Bishop Francis Wale Oke warned the nation yesterday not be carried away by the   fuel subsidy crisis relegating the Boko Haram menace. The Presiding Bishop of the Sword of the Spirit Ministries and Vice-President, South- West zone of the Pentecostal   Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN) acknowledged the hardship the Nigerian masses are passing through as a result of   the strike declared by the Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC) over the fuel subsidy removal.

Bishop Wale Oke pointed out the dangerous path  Boko Haram sect are towing saying that it would be a child’s play if no decisive action is taken to end it once and for all. He said the President  should not allow  himself to be distracted by the mass protest  saying “the president would be doing himself a lot of good if he can remember that  Boko Haram  issue is still there”. According to him, the burning of the Benin, Edo State Capital Central Mosque was an attempt by the Islamic fundamentalists’ sect to create an impression that the Southerners had joined the fray.

The man of God asked the Federal Government to ensure the protection of lives and properties of every Nigerian.

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