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Iran:Toy Drones To Be Sent To Obama As Present

An Iranian company, a non-profit company  wants to honour Barack Obama,U.S president’s request to return a drone that   crashed in Iran last year. The company says it will send  miniature toy versions, a lot of them to the U.S President instead of the actual drone.

“We plan to send a full squadron of 12 to the White House for President Barack Obama as present,” said Reza Kioumarsi, a spokesman for the Aaye Art Group, a Tehran-based non-profit, non –governmental company that makes novelty items.







Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the president of Iran gave a speech in December last year suggesting that Iran would not return it.

The RQ-170 Sentinel is one of the United States’ most sophisticated drones and flies at up to 50,000 feet. It is designed to evade sophisticated air defenses.

One former intelligence official said it’s “impossible to see” and discounted Iranian claims that it had been brought down by some form of electronic counter-measures. “It simply fell into their laps,” he said — after satellite communication was lost



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