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Lagos:Police Disperse Protesters With Teargas

The police on Thursday fired teargas at the protesters in Lagos who staged a peaceful protest in rejection of the N97 pump price of petrol and the withdrawal of soldiers from the streets of Lagos. Professor Ben Nwabueze, Dr Tunji Braithwaite, Dr Kalu Idika Kalu, septuagenarians and members of National Action Coalition (NACO) were not left out.

The dispersion of teargas on the popular Eleganza Way, Ikeja amounted to disruption of human movement and traffic jam as people scampered for safety. The protesters were ambushed by the police at the 7UP junction, dispersing them with teargas.

Victim of teargas being assisted










Nelson, one of the protesters who collapsed as a result of the teargas  was rushed to a nearby hospital. At the Gani Fawehinmi Park, over 70 security operatives, including soldiers, were positioned, with two Armoured Personnel Carriers (APCs), aimed at preventing the staging of any protest in whatever form.

Angry protesters accused  President Goodluck Jonathan of violating their rights of assembly and speech. The convener of the group, Dr Braithwaite said the military is crossing its boundary as they are not to be used to terrorise people. Braithwaite called  for the immediate withdrawal of  soldiers from the streets of Lagos

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