University of Ibadan (U.I) 2012/2013 post-utme

This is to notify candidates who chose U.I as their first or second choice that that University Of Ibadan has started the Post-UTME registration for 2012/13. The University of Ibadan  2012/2013 post-UTME forms can be obtained at the rate of N2,000.00 (Two Thousand Naira Only) and only available at any of the Banks listed below;

  • UI Admission Processing Fee Account Details:

    Mainstreet Bank Plc (Acct. No- 6000085286)

    First Bank of Nigeria Plc (Acct. No – 2018156959)

university of Ibadan
  1. To register, you must have choose the school either as their 1st or 2nd Choice.
  2. Candidates must meet the cut-off mark 200 Above.
  3. Candidates who will be sixteen years old by October 2012.
  4. NOTE!All Candidates should ensure that they qualified, because no Refunding of any payment made in error.
  5. Candidates should be correctly spelled.After obtaining the form log on to the website here, provide the following details below;
* Your jamb UTME registration number,
* Your teller number, (the number on your teller slip, usually it is at the top right corner of the slip)
* The bank and the branch where you made the payment.
* The payment date in order to generate user ID and PIN.
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130 Responses

  1. Please sir/ma ,I scored 235 in my jamb to study Economics. In this regard, I need assistance on how U.I conducts post-utme ,the date for this year post utme and the breakdown.

  2. Pls i visited first bank to purchase d ume form,but i was told i have to get the school acct number before anything can be done.pls tell me their acct no

  3. Sir/ma, i’m a deaf person. I scored 213 in my jamb to study in economics but i’ll change it. I need ur help me to answer

  4. Sir/ma, i scored 213 in my jamb to study in political sci. I want go to first bank but i was told i have to get the number before anything can be done. Pls i need ur help me to an answer my question. Thanks

  5. This was the last year acc. no:
    Afribank plc. UI branch, Ibadan (6000085286)
    First Bank of Nig. Plc. UI branch, Ibadan (2018156959). Incase, u migh b asked at bank.

  6. Pls when is d exam taking place?

  7. Pls can i get d post ume form in any 1st bank across nigeria

  8. Pls can i get d post ume form in any first bank across nigeria

  9. Pls can you send me university of ibadan acct no for (firstbank)pls

  10. I was @ a first bank branch and I was told to get deir account number_ryt b4 me some paid for FUTO’s post ume_pls we need dis year’s account numbers_plsss

    • UI Admission Processing Fee Account Details:

      Mainstreet Bank Plc (Acct. No- 6000085286)

      First Bank of Nigeria Plc (Acct. No – 2018156959)

  11. Pls can it b bought at any of the 2 banks branch in Lagos.

  12. Please,i would like to know the closing date for the registration.

  13. When is d form closing

  14. Direct Your Questions to, for Quick response and other assistance.

    Thanks to Hotnaijanews for providing us this important news updates. Kudos man, Keep it up.

  15. Pls wen is d post ume form closeing i nid dis info for my frnd pls

  16. Pls when is d postjamb exam comin up

  17. Sir,i score 194,can i still the exam.pls

  18. Pls when is the date of the exam!!!im outside the country so i need info so i cn come nd write d exam

  19. Please i reside in kano can i purchase d form @ any first bank branch here? Nd please is paspot attatchmnt needed? If yes wat colour of passport?

  20. Pls when is the date of the exam i rely need to know

  21. pls does any1 know d exact date 4 ui post utme exam 2012 and the venue? U can email me with d answer. . Thanks 4 yur time.

  22. is d post jamb for ui out

  23. i woes filling the post ume form and i have got the PIN and user ID for the frost time bet i am not able to complete it in the first time because of the passport photograph the following day to complete the registration, if i long on with the PIN and USER ID it we be giving me Invalid Login Parameters.
    wort can i do to complete the registration , thanks

  24. Yes ,you can. simply follow the this or for full details.

  25. Hello pls is d post jamb exam 4 university of ibadan going 2 b written or oral dis year pls i need 2 no

  26. Pls i want d actual date 4 iu post utme

  27. Pls i want to know when UI POST UTME is coming up and cut off mark for Political science

  28. can the waec of dix year meet the ui postume for 2012

  29. Plis sir,wat is d cut off-mark for nursing and can dis yr result be use? Or can i chnge my course?

  30. I scored 211 wat is d cut-off mark for nusing nd I choose u.i as my 1st nd 2nd choice plise advise me on wat to do sir,please sir.

  31. Plis sir,wat is d cut off-mark for nursing and can dis yr result be use? Or can i chnge my course? Since I scored 211.

  32. When is d exam date for ui post utme going to be???

  33. Pls is university of ibadan not gaving addmission with nebteb

  34. Pls i made a mistake in my waec number nd i av clicked on final submission nd printed it b4 i realised d mistake cn i stil edit nd print anoda one.pls i need an urgent answer pls

  35. Wen is d actual date for U I exam


  37. Pls when is ui having her post utme exam?. and is the exam going to be oral or written exam? pls i need to know thanks.

  38. I saw it on net that the exam date is 16th and 17th this month…is it true..

  39. pls,is d reg allowed after d closin date.bcos wen i checked,d portal is stil opened.

  40. ya.i did my own on 15th and hav printd 2

  41. which ix the date of the postume

  42. pls,can i stil register for this post jamb.pls i need latest info concerning this because of the closing date.
    pls you may inbox now on my email’

  43. Sir i need excit date of post ume pls i scor 227 on jamb ad my cours is agric ad environment engineering ad i choos ui as my ist choic

  44. Pls i scored 238 in my jamb and i want to study mech engine and civil pls can i

  45. pls o when are we writing d post ume 4 ui

  46. pls when is d post utme exam commencing

    • Pls sir i scored 202 in my jamb nd i want 2 study medicine nd surgery nd am usin awaiting result nd i ve pay 4 d post ume form in d bank can i sit 4 d post ume screening.

  47. I wnt to knw d cut of mark of guidiance and councelling pls

  48. Can i still register 4 d post ume exam cose i av bought d reg no 4rm d bank already

  49. Pls sir which data is d post ume exam wil strat.

  50. Pls, sir, ma, wen is the pume exam coming up. Pls vry importnt.

  51. pls how can i search for the names of shortlisted candidates for 2012/2013 aptitude test exam

  52. selected students for the post ume would be sent a mail pls i want to knw when

  53. When is ui releasing d name of shortlited candidate 4 2012/2013

  54. pls i ‘ll lyk 2 no wen d post ume exam comes up

  55. I was told that,the names for the first batch for the post utme 2012/2013 will be release today.But it’s not out.

  56. plz sir/ma i used awaitn result to fil d online form. Nd i wanna study Medicine/Pharmacy wiv d jamb score of 222, can i stil go ahead?. Nd plz sir/ma wen is d exam date?? Nd is it oral or written?? Tnx alot.

  57. I’ve registered 4 d post utme,bt am yet to rciv any msg.pls help me out.

  58. Pls,how can we get d name of short listed candidate for ui post jamb exercise?

  59. pls , i registered 15th of june and i have print out with pls wen is d post utme and d list of d first batch exam. tanx

  60. I was tld dat d list & the date of d exm wil be out yestday bt I havn’t seen any. Plz I nid an urgent reply.

  61. Wen wil d names of shortlisted candidates b released?

  62. i heard that the batchs list will be online yesterday and i’ve been checking since but found nothing lyk dat, pls when was the post-jamb holding. I nid reply. Urgent!!!

  63. is d shortlisted name out?

  64. Plz…is the list for shortlisted candidates 4 postume out? Coz i’ve nt seen it.

  65. Plz when is ui likely 2 conduct the postume?

  66. Is it true dat d exam is 2day

  67. Plz wen ar we goin to be alerted 4 d pume

  68. pls frm ui site i saw it dat d names of shortlisted candidate will be released on 22nd of dis mnth but to my suprise d list is not yet out till dis moment. Wat are d problem pls

  69. please i need to know iv d list is out cause i’m really not maxelf ryt naw….wen will ui release d list which should av bin ysterdae….?….ani info jux lemme noe

  70. list of successful of post utme ui 2012 /2013 is out yes/no urgently reply plz

  71. I just checked the list and my name isn’t among.I scored 225 in my JAMB.I thought it was decided upon that all students with the score of 200 and above are qualified enough to write the Post Jamb.It’s not fair.

  72. pls sir/ma how can i get the list

  73. not only u.ui picks candidate according to ur faculties jamb score cut off mark.check ui’s portal for ur falculties jamb score.

  74. pls wen is ui 2nd choice shortlisted candidate out for 2012/2013

  75. I heard that the post ume registration will be ending by june 30th pls what is the cut off mark for biochemistry I scored 174

  76. Pls can my friend still register now for post ume till 30th june or it is closed,pls urgent reply is needed cus I told him it is not closed,pls helppppppp

  77. please i have been trying to view the shortlisted names and date for the post utme exams, but it’s not showing

  78. Plz i chose ui as my 1st & 2nd choice & i had 255 in my jamb 4 civil engr & petroleum engr. Bt my name ws nt amg d shortlistd canditate plz is dre 2nd batch?admin plz

  79. Is dat d only list dat wil be out or 2nd list wil be out

  80. is there any chance of change of course

  81. Pls ma/sir i did not see mine name in the shortlisted candidate,pls can you tell me what step to take next.

  82. when is the postume coming up

  83. Guyz plz add me on 2go ehizsimple and ehiz phamous idemudia facebook incase of any information u can pass urgently or i can pass

  84. what is the cut off for nursing

  85. Pls where can i check if my name is among d shortlisted? very urgent

  86. Scored nt on list.exam on 9th of july.when is da 2nd list gonna be out?

  87. pls can u give d actual date in which the 2012/2013 ui postume would be done pls i need the reply before 4/7/2012 pls help me thank u

  88. pls,i cant find my name on d list.

  89. Pls wil the ui screening exam b oral or written

  90. pls send the actual date the DE 2012/2013 screening form will be out to me. thanks

    • dear sir/ma, i want u 2 tell me more about ui DE stuff bcoz i choose UI as my first choice and i dnt no anyfin about it.

  91. Sir/ma, my name was nt amg d shortlistd candidate plz is dre 2nd batch?admin plz.

  92. I want to know the date that we will sit for post ume

  93. I couldn’t find my name among the shortlisted candidate plz help me.

  94. Admin. plzzzzz iz der goin 2 b a 2nd batch list 4 d short listd candidate or a change of course diz yr… Im nt short listd. Plz reply.

  95. when is u i second list coming out

  96. Wat is the cut off mark for computer science

  97. Is there any hope on the 2nd list?…..

  98. pls sir/ma,am veri veri worried,i want to knw when the second batch is comin out cos my name is nt in the first batch,or is it not coming out?pls am using ur creator to beg you,i must gain admission to UI this year ooo.pls am begging oo,let it b out fasttt………pls………….

  99. Plz…….is dere gonna b a 2nd batch list.if so,plz wat date will it b out

  100. when is the second and probably last screening coming up for awaiting students for admission into undergraduate programmes?

  101. I want to know when the 2nd batch of the admission list will be release.I love u.i & i want to study in u.i.Thanks

  102. i had 47 in my p.jamb ui..veterinary medicine..please is there still any hope of my name coming out in the second batch list?wen wud the second batch list going to come out?also when would change of course close..pls sir/ma your quick reply would be vital for me..tanks

  103. Plz i got 39 in the post jamb score and want 2 study library studies..and ma parents are staffz…plzis there any hope of admission for me this year


  105. I chose university of Ibadan as my first choice, I want to study political science; and I want to use the waec result for this year to enter. Therefore, when is the second batch for the post utme of the a waiters going to commence? is it after the submission of the waec result to the university’s website or when. Also ,when is the deadline for the submission of the waec result for the university of Ibadan

  106. i have 5distinction including A1,B2,B3,and three credit. C5 in

    englishBUT WITH F9 in mathematics. i want to study political science. i chose this institution as first choice. am i on the admission line.

  107. pls wen is 2nd choice putme exam coming up,i dnt wnt 2 miss d exam.

  108. i was sent a text about ui post utme for B.A philosophy at dominican institute samonda Ibadan. and i was told d exam will b coming up on sept 19, 2012.9am.and i was told to come with my jamb slip and ssce result. pls i need eve3rybody to tell me maybe its real or not?

  109. D same message was sent 2 me dis morin 2

  110. I wasn’t shortlisted for post utme but Ul as my firrt and second choice . Also, 227 my utme score. Advice me pls.

  111. Wen wil UI release d 2nd batch admission list 4 dis yr?

  112. The New Federal University Ilesha Osun State. FUI 2012/2013 Post-UTME admission form will be out by next week monday. 08037958900


  114. Please, I want to know if U.I are doing medical course?

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