Nigerians sell kidneys for $30,000 in Asia.Poverty?

You first heard it like a rumor, thought it wasn’t true, hoped it wasn’t true. But now it has been confirmed, not once, twice but several times.

Nigerians are actively seeking markets to sell their kidneys online and have been making journeys to countries in Asia, – Malaysia and India particularly, to sell usually just one of their two kidneys.

The spoil: N5-10 Million, which translates to about $30-60,000 for the vital blood filtering and red blood cell (RBC) generating organ.

There is a sophisticated online network of vendors, agents, resellers and hunters, who actively seek candidates, sometimes going to the extent of kidnapping them and supply these usually desperate, hopeful-for-a-quick-fix to life’s financial dreams, young Nigerians, to ready slice-and-pop physicians in shed facilities.

Nigerians sell kidneys in Asia

These ‘experts’ excavate the organs and ice-box them to the eager transplant centers, thriving with Asians, Middle Easterner’s and Europeans on the waiting list, hoping for that fresh, cheap paupers kidney.

How much do clients pay the harvesting centers for these kidneys? About $100-200,000. And they are teaming on the waiting list. Sometimes kidneys are harvested with meager remuneration given the ‘donor’, or rather, seller- paid as little as $5,000 for the vital organ, and many others die at operation or soon after.

As you read this article, there are possibly 1000 Nigerians reading it with you, hoping to find a link to the underground network where they can get the hook-up to sell their organs.

A popular website, has been an attractive bait site for Nigerian and other national hope-fulls

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  1. Health is wealth. Why must you sell your kidney to get money? Money that you can not even live long to enjoy it. Poverty is a bad disease and it is affecting the sleeping jiant of Africa. Real men in Nigeria count money in $trillions why not copy Dangote style? I beg Dangote thank you. They prefer keeping the money in foriegn accounts, reserviors and sacks. Nigeria as a country is reach but we are selfish.

  2. Those that sell there kidney believe they have no future more over they are the type that does not have a dream talk less of believing In any dream,please let them sell. And die on time so that we can kw the rest of the people that remain,thank you

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