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World Most Expensive Bora worths $1million.Made of diamond

The most expensive bra in the world in 2012 costs $ 1 million and is made only of 500-carat diamond.It appeared in America,in Birmingham, Michigan, a city of 20,000 inhabitants,  and it is the world’s most expensive bra in 2012. Cost $ 1 million and all the world are watching its.It is made of  750 grams of gold and 501.46 Carats multi-colored diamonds. and was made in the course of a year to 40 experts.
The bra is made by Anthony Aubry at the Birmingham Estate and Jewelry Buyers and he took  three months to design and almost a year to create this piece of lingerie .At the end he named the piece of art after his wife, Rita.This is not the first luxury bra auctioned. Last year, Miranda Kerr of Victoria’s Secret wore a fashionbra worth 2.5 million dollars.

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