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STF: We are rounding off investigations on the $620,000 bribe

The Special Task Force (STF) has hinted that the investigations into the fuel subsidy bribe money of $620,000 given by Femi Otedola to the former chairman of the subsidy probe panel, Farouk Lawan would soon be rounded off.

Finishing touches are being made to the final report after the invitation of Farouk Lawan and Honourable Adams Jagaba to the Special Task Force headquarters to confront each other and answer questions on allegations.

Before now, we had concrete and overwhelming evidence that the money was given and taken. With the submission of the two important players in this saga, our job has been made easier,” a source said.

Hon Farouk-Lawan


Speaking on if the submission of Jagaba had finally put to rest where the money was or how it could be recovered, the source said, “we now have an idea of what happened to the money but that is a card we are keeping close to our chest and we will make it known when the time is right.”


It will be recalled that while Honourable Lawan has continued to insist that he handed over the bribe to Honourable Jagaba for safe custody, the chairman, committee on financial crimes, has denied ever collecting such money.

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