Wife tells husband to manage the floor to accommodate her boyfirend

A Bulawayo woman has done what a lot of men would never ever tolerate in their life time. The woman Sarah Ndlovu who is affectionately known as Mandlovu reportedly instructed his legitimate husband to sleep on the floor so that she can sleep with her ‘chikomba’ (boyfriend) on their matrimonial bed.
MaNdlovu allegedly brought into their house her boyfriend, identified as Kenneth Dube whilst her husband Mthabisi Khumalo was around, and ordered him to sleep on the floor so as to pave way for MaNdlovu’s boyfriend, it is reported.

Sources who spoke to our news crew and are residents of Cowdry Park suburb where the incident occurred said MaNdlovu and Khumalo have been married for the past five years. MaNdlovu is reported to have instructed her husband not to say any word over the incident as he has been failing to take good care of the family, our sources have revealed.
“She claimed that the food they were eating had been bought by her boyfriend therefore the boyfriend had the right to get some action from her. Her husband, Khumalo did not take the words lightly. So he decided to pack his belongings and left their matrimonial house. He said her wife had belittled his authority as the head of the family,” said the source.

Sources further claimed that Khumalo went and informed MaNdlovu’s aunt about the tragedy but he was further disappointed after the aunt blamed him for not paying their only daughter’s lobola.

Speaking to one of the local weekly newspapers, MaNdlovu confirmed that she ordered her legitimate husband to sleep on the floor.

“I don’t eat sex my brother but food and Khumalo is not employed and he is failing to look after his family. So I had to look for someone who could help him support his family. So where is the problem?” she asked.

MaNdlovu also claimed that as far as her parents were concerned she was single and not yet married since Khumalo had not paid lobola. She reiterated that her husband should just keep quiet since they have just been co-habiting for the past five years.

When contacted for comment, Khumalo simply refused to give his side of the story.

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4 Responses

  1. That woman is mad.

  2. Dat’s arrant nonsense what’s her problem

  3. God I thank You for giving the said husband the heart to bear; else she would have been a dead woman by now. Your leaving should be seen as a blessing and a restraint from becoming HIV positive.

  4. Any man who can not povide for his family is not a man, he ius jut a figure head. The bible say any man who can not provide for his family is worse than an infidel. I am not supporting the woman at all but husband most always fulfill their role if u truly want to be the head. Shikena!

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