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SSS invites Pastor Tunde Bakare over his Sunday Sermon

Nigeria’s secret police, the SSS, has invited fiery Lagos Pastor Tunde Bakare to explain the content of his Sunday sermon asking President Goodluck Jonathan to resign from office.

Pastor Bakare was invited to meet with the State director of the SSS at its  Shangisha offices in a Lagos suburb for a 4 PM meeting.

The fiery Lagos pastor and political activist yesterday delivered a damning sermon titled: “How To Change Government Peacefully And Make Society Better”.

The pastor leads the  Save Nigeria Group (SNG) which  has had the government in an uncomfortable stare-down in recent times. In December 2010, the group visited President Jonathan in Abuja in connection with its advocacy of certain public policies.

On its way out of the presidential villa, the group was handed a $50,000 bribe, which it refused. The embarrassed government explained that the money was not a bribe, but “transport fare.”

Pastor Bakare eventually ran for vice-president on the ticket of the Congress for Progressive Change. As pastor or political activist, he has always strongly criticized anti-people policies.

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