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You cannot trust ACN with Power, PDP

The Peoples Democratic Party has said last week’s local government election in Ogun State has  exposed the Action Congress of Nigeria, (ACN) as a party that cannot be trusted with power.

National Publicity Secretary of the party, Olisa Metuh, in a statement yesterday said the ACN has consistently proven that it is in the league of incurable dictators who are not interested in advancing the cause of democracy.

“With the unfortunate outcome of the last week’s local government election, the ACN has smashed all doubts as to its carefully chosen course in the unrestrained suppression of the electoral wishes of the people.”

Metuh said democracy is in grave danger in the ACN controlled States with the stubborn insistence of the party that what counts is the whimsical decision of the cabal in its leadership and not the vote of the people.

“Prior to the election, our Ogun state chapter alerted the nation to the distortion in the voter’s registers and of the massive build up in instruments of violence by the ACN.  It also noted the flagrant abuse of the electoral laws and the Ogun State Independent Electoral commission’s guidelines.”

Why challenging the ACN to explain why the results of the election were not declared at the ward level as required by law instead of the State capital where the outcome of the election was conveniently doctored and fictitious results announced,  the party  regretted that while President Goodluck Jonathan has laid a solid foundation for credible elections and is consolidating on it, the ACN which parades itself as a champion of democracy is busy pulling down the pillars of democracy by truncating the people’s right to choose their leaders.

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