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2015 elections,female president is possible, says Jonathan

President Goodluck Jonathan in Abuja on Thursday revealed that a woman president in the 2015 presidential election is possible if women decide to do so. President Goodluck Jonathan for does not know if he would re-contest in 2015 or not.

He warned that it was too early to talk about 2015 elections at least for now. The outcome of the court hearing is being awaited as to whether he would be eligible to contest the 2015 presidential elections. While speaking at the seventh summit of the African First Ladies Peace mission, President Jonathan said “if women decide to elect a woman president in 2015, they can go ahead”.

Jonathan pointed out that his administration’s commitment to electoral reforms and justice had ushered in an era where women could deploy their numerical strength to ensure that their preferred candidates won elections at all levels.

Jonathan cited the just concluded governorship election in Edo State, where the percentage of women participation appreciated.

He insisted that Africa must remove bottlenecks that barred women from realizing their full potentials.

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