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Doyin Okupe as new SSA public affairs, Dr.Reuben Abati dropped

Reuben Abati, the presidential spokesman has been sidelined. Doyin Okupe an Ogun-state born medical doctor has been hired by the Presidency to handle President Goodluck Jonathan’s publicity. A source revealed that Doyin Okupe is being hired to act as an attack dog against the critics of president Goodluck Jonathan and his wife.


A source revealed that after the appointment of Mrs Jonathan as the permanent secretary in Bayelsa State, the media, civil society activists as well as opposition political parties have criticized the first lady.


The story about the billions of naira used to buy 200 expensive cars for the Africa First Ladies summit in Abuja has overwhelmed Mrs Jonathan that she blamed her image troubles on Dr. Abati’s incompetence. Source revealed that Mr Okupe, a medical doctor who served as a spokesman in Olusegun Obasanjo’s  regime was appointed to  take charge of the Presidency’s image. Dr. Abati has been too soft and commits blunders in his attempt to defend the presidency and his wife, the source said.


One source explained that Mr. Abati  tried to argue that it was the duty of Mrs Jonathan’s media team to handle her publicity affairs. This further infuriated the first lady.


Fani Kayode would have been brought in, but he has not been in a good rapport with the president so the president decided to bring in Dr. Okupe.


Mr .Abati, a former columnist and editorial page editor for the Guardian Newspapers and Mr. Okupe share something in common, they are both indigenes of Ogun State.


The source added that it is now fire-for-fire as the president has had enough of  attacks from the opposition.


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