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World breastfeeding week,breastfeeding rooms in offices/workplaces to be created

As the world breast day 2012 is being celebrated today, Nigerians are not left out as they join the rest of the world in celebrating it. Experts have complained about the low rate of breastfeeding in the country blaming it on HIV and also on the unwillingness of the mothers, especially those of the upper class, to breastfeed publicly.

Dr. Yewande Adesina, at a briefing to mark this World breastfeeding Week in Lagos  with theme: Understanding the Past-Planning the Future, said the 20 per cent breast feeding rate achieved in Lagos was made possible by women in the grassroots.

Adesina who explained that efforts were being made to improve the breastfeeding rate through the creation of breastfeeding rooms/ crèches in workplaces called on government establishments and corporate bodies to adopt baby friendly initiatives such as the provision of breastfeeding rooms in their offices.

These practices are obtainable in international communities and we should encourage this within our own environment,“ she said.To ensure that HIV was no longer a problem to breastfeeding mothers, she explained that with the introduction of Nevirapine, an anti-retroviral drug for mothers living with HIV, babies born to these mothers would no longer be denied exclusive breast feeding for the first six months life.

The Special Adviser further explained that the aim of the Week was to sustain the practice of breast feeding.

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