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No heaven, no hell,strange church where members don’t read Bible.Store prayers in containers

The Aetherius Church is not well known in this part of the world according to Engineer Celestine Nwaruh  who is a leader in the church . The church is a worldwide spiritual organization comprising people who are dedicated to help heal and uplift humanity. It was founded by the late Western Yoga Master , Dr. George  King and is believed to bring a sort of balance back to humanity.

In this interview with Sunday Sun, Nwaruh sheds more light on the teachings of the church and many more issues. What is the Aetherius church all about? The church is an unorthodox church founded in 1954 by a western master of yoga known as George King. Before the founding of this church we have been into the practice of yoga for years. This church was based on the command that he heard from the thin air.








He was told to prepare himself that he would be the voice of the inter-parliamentary bridge . Before then, the word was unknown to him or to any other person in the world .  That was the beginning of the church, and today that’s why we have the Aetherius church all over the world. You are the head of the church here? Yes, I am the organizer here. We have our headquarters in London, that is the European headquarters, then the American headquarters is in Los Angeles.

We have other branches around the world. In Nigeria, we have the Western Nigerian branch at Ojodu, Lagos and Eastern Nigeria branch in Aba. Under that we have various groups too. I did some research on your church and found out you people believe in Unidentified Flying Object(UFO). Can you elaborate? Yes, we believe in UFO and we work hand in hand with them because that instruction that came to our founder then came from extra terrestrial intelligence and this extra terrestrial intelligence is what people call UFO. But are the UFOs real? Yes, they are real because we have identified them. It’s people who don’t know them that call them unidentified .

You said you have identified them, so what are they? They are beings that live in another planet, they are like you and I, but more advanced than us. All our teachings are delivered by these beings.  We don’t refer to them as UFO anymore in our church because we have identified them and they have been making contact with us for the good of all mankind.

They have been channeling information to us. For instance all our prayers, teachings, instructions are from them and we call these transmissions. Is it like electronic transmission, I mean do you hear this UFOs clearly? They are recorded voice transmissions. They are more real in their physical forms but relative to us they exist in different vibratory framework that make them not be physical to us.

They don’t appear very physical to us because they’re living in different realms of existence. You understand?. Are they like angels? You won’t call them angels per se but when someone is being referred to, as being angelic it’s a function of spiritualization, but if you consider their levels of spirituality then you can refer to them as angels but we know they are not angels. Are you Christians? Yes, we are Christians.

We are what we call practical Christians. You believe in Jesus Christ? We believe in Jesus Christ, you can see the picture of the master Jesus on the wall. We believe in the master Jesus and our main prayer is called the 12 blessings. Like in the bible? Yes, it is like the bible and it was delivered by the master Jesus himself in 1958. Jesus the Christ channeled this information using our master as a contact and it is recorded.So this is our tool for prayers and spirituality. We have done and we are still performing miracles at the global level.

So you perform miracles too like the Pentecostal churches? I used the word miracle but not at the level of miracle alone as we do spiritual work at the global level. We hardly bother ourselves with issues of personal purposes but it’s not that we don’t bother about personal issues. We do healing, we train people here to do that because our master device methods are anchored on the premise that anybody can practice to heal.

You mean like going to a medical school? No, it’s just like the laying of hands people do. It’s just that we teach people what they don’t know. For us the act of healing is not a special gift meant for only a few people, you understand?. Healing is general knowledge that anybody can train for and practice. In our churches, healing is one among 13 aims and objectives of the Aetherius society.

You said you believe in Jesus Christ but do you use the bible? I will say yes, but we don’t read the bible per se, but for you to be an effective member of this church you are a practical Christian.

What is a practical Christian? It’s someone who is living Genesis to Revelation. But since you don’t read it, how do you practice what is in it? Yes, by the time you practice and study what is here in the twelve blessings which is an extension of the beatitude on the mount, you will see that you are practicing all that is there … that are good in the holy bible. It’s like when you see somebody who is doing a PhD programme and you ask have you done your master thesis. Of course such a person will tell you I have done it and that is why I am a PhD candidate.

You said the Aetherius church is the only church that I know on earth that has the capacity to pray and store prayer in physical containers that we call prayer batteries. So I can pray and store it somewhere, how do I do that? We do it and release this energy to the world or to areas that need these prayers at anytime, for instance in situations of earthquake, tsunamis, hurricane and all natural disasters with recorded impact.

But why can’t you release this prayer energy for Nigeria, especially with this Boko Haram phenomenon? For Boko Haram, we can release energy but we have not made such request. Right now, we are working towards getting more prayer batteries here and when such prayer batteries arrive it means that at least one day in a week the charging sessions will take place . This means that the period of praying to store in this batteries have to take place. People ask us why do we pray and store instead of us to pray for peace straight away. I tell you we are closing the gap between science and religion.

But it is not all prayers that are answered? We have proofs and I can show you in our write-ups. There are situations where these prayers are released and it baffles the greatest of meteorologists. When we are told that a hurricane or storm is approaching the land and when we get the information in good time, which we often do, energies are released to such situation. There are times when the destructive storm gets to land mass but most times we get it to acceptable speed that will reduce the disaster. We are not saying that we have bridged the gap totally between man   and disaster because there are certain things we cannot do and achieve alone. That is why we are creating awareness and telling people to join us in this crusade, let us spiritualize ourselves so that the spiritual energy that is lacking on this planet can be made available so that the troubles of disasters on earth can be eliminated.

  When will the prayers batteries come to Nigeria? As soon as we are ready but such equipment are sensitive equipment. They are radionic equipment and they have the power of healing from a distance. We are healing at a global level, for instance we have a hurricane that consumes a million people and so on. But we don’t have such disasters in the country? Well, we don’t but the man that dies from another country from such is your brother no matter the distance. As far as spirituality is concerned we are all brothers.  So when you heal at that level everybody benefits.

But how did you discover this? Our master said that a wise man is a man who changes his decisions in the light of a better reasoning. So is this your belief a better reasoning compared to where you are coming from? Yes, it is. If it were not, I wouldn’t be here, this one satisfies my spiritual yearning more than where I was before.

In my research, I also found out that your church is here to protect the earth? If you say that, that means that we are kind of macho men. We are creating awareness for man to spiritualize himself and one of the problems humanity is creating today is destroying mother earth. I don’t think 1% of humanity knows that but by the time we all know it our spirituality will soar. What we are trying to do through terrestrial intelligence is that if we can treat the earth with more respect things will be much more easier for us. Like the atomic bombs being planted in the desert, drilling of oil and so on. All these destroy the earth.  There are issues of global warming, melting ice, ocean surge, aridity on one side and flooding on the opposite side , and hurricanes. These things are results of activities of man. The awareness we are trying to create is that this not a physical issue but with spiritual dimensions.

So you got all these messages from the UFOs? Yes. We are now trying to gather people to solve these.

What is the solution to these phenomena? The only solution is for man to spiritualize himself. The greatest energy crisis that we are having here on this earth today is the spiritual energy crisis. The way we think, the way we act is impacting on mother earth. When we treat this on the spiritual level then the material level will manifest on its own.

Don’t you think you are tilting towards science and it’s sort of academic and not relevant to the average man on the streets? It’s so spiritual that to the ordinary man it looks too academic. We are the only church that bridges the gap between science and religion because most things that science is pursuing the church is ahead of it. He gave us the reasons why terrestrial intelligent beings remained invisible. He told us how they made themselves invisible. That is why you see flying saucer moving.

You have seen one before? Yes, even you must have seen one and you don’t know that is it. But more often when you see any light in the air that changes direction then you know it’s no longer nature because nature doesn’t have capacity to change direction.

How often do you see them? It depends on when they the have necessity to come around.

Do you have to get into any spiritual exercise to see them? No, you don’t have to.

But can you receive messages from them? No, our master did.

Now that your master is no more, how do you still communicate with them? Even the one he released can last us for years to come because the master Jesus is no more here but what he released is still in use till today.

But Christians believe that the Holy Spirit continued from where Jesus stopped,so since it is just your master that had interactions with the UFOs who is guiding you now? I am telling you that all he left behind are intact and it is supposed to guide humanity for long.

So it cannot be obsolete? No , it can’t. If you go into our teachings you will know it can never be obsolete. The average Nigerian who goes to church goes because they want solutions to their problems but all these look abstract . Don’t they? Yes, that’s true. They are looking for where their problems will be solved, the worship of God is here. For instance somebody introduced a product that cures many diseases and I felt God used that person to invent that drug to solve some problems. I know that many people who go to church go because of health miracles, another percentage go for financial miracles and a small portion go there for God. But here, if don’t have that burning desire for God, you will find it very difficult to stay here. Remember that the word of God says that   “the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom” and another says “seek ye first the kingdom of God and every other thing will be added unto you”. Here we teach belief in the karma doctrines. So whatever people call their problems today somehow in the past they must have contributed to them.

Do you believe in hell fire? We believe in re-incarnation.

What I meant is will the world come to an end at some point? The world will come to an end but not the way the orthodox church preaches it, because we know that there is no such thing as hell where some people will burn forever for living just one life. I don’t think God designed things to be that way, what we know is that you as an individual will live your life experiencing various things at a particular life time. One lifetime is too short. You are a press person and all your life is about the press. If you are to go to God now what will you tell God about engineering, about agriculture?So you need to go and then return. You need to spiritualize yourself and be of selfless service. We don’t agree with the biblical heaven and hell.

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