One man weds three wives in church in one day

While Nigerians pastors are blessing and ordaining theives in the Church, buying fleets of cars, jets and building empires, Zairean pastors are doing as well , blessing as many as three women to one man. The good thing is that they all quote from same bible. Who is fooling who with this Western delusion?

man weds three wives in zaire

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5 Responses

  1. Dis is just a sign of d end time, imagin a pastor weds 3 ladies on 1 man. just give ur life 2 God.

  2. This world is coming to an end…..

  3. I dont blieve dis pls, sometimes, all dis jonalist will cook up things and publish.

  4. GOD,help us in dis sinful world!

  5. d world is gud..d world is bad…bcos money spoil everythings

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