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Jokes: Boko haram customer care

Assuming you  bought  an ‘MTM’ recharqe card of #1500 for a very important call and after  recharging,  you check your account  balance and  you see  N0.00. You become very angry and  dial Customer care service and you hear:

“Welcome  to  BOKO HARAM customer care service! your call is very important to us….please  pay attention to the  following option…
For  suicide bombing press 1..
To plant a bomb in your area press 2…
Ip u av any information on ow 2 bomb haso ruck press 3…
To confiqure your fone 2 a time  bomb press 4….
To speak with a boko haram customer care representative press 0….
Do not hanq up! i repeat do not hanq up!!! If u do u will be bumbed!!!”

What will you do?

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