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Effect of wearing tight weaves for years,Naomi Campbell mistakenly reveals hairline

Too much of anything isn’t good and Naomi Campbell’s hairline is a definite testimony to that fact.

The supermodel recently let go during a recent holiday at Ibiza – pulling her hair back in a pony tail and revealing the shocking truth that the 41 year old’s hairline has receded some 2 inches away from its original line.

Naomi who over the years has come to rely on weaves and extensions to create the ‘glamorous’ look;  seems to be suffering from a bad case of traction alopecia – a condition where hair falls out due to constant pulling and manipulation (particularly at the hairline as that is the most fragile part of the hair).

While traction alopecia can be reversed at its initial stages; prolonged tension to affected areas will cause permanent damage to hair follicles and hair will never grow back – ever.

I can only hazard a guess and say Naomi’s has been going on for a very long time but I hope it’s not too late for her to do something about it.











Ladies – give your hair a rest once in a while and try embracing and celebrating what actually grows out of your own hair follicles!


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