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Drake and Chris Brown face $16million lawsuit over fight at nightclub

Remember the infamous bottle-throwing brawl in a Manhattan nightclub involving Chris Brown and Drake? Well today both were named in a $16 million lawsuit.

In papers filed at Manhattan Supreme Court, Entertainment Enterprises Ltd. claims the two stars started the fracas at the joint clubs Greenhouse and WiP on June 14, and then ordered their crews to follow suit, reported the New York Post.

Each man “shared a grudge against the other arising out of their romantic relationships with the same woman,” Brown’s former girlfriend Rihanna, and when they “crossed paths,” they “began to fight violently with each other,” the suit states.

After the fight, Brown tweeted a photo of himself with a bloody gash on his chin saying, “How u party wit rich n**** that hate? Lol… Throwing bottles like girls? #shameonya!.”

The suit claims that both Drake and Chris encouraged their crews to start “throwing highball glasses laden with alcohol, shattering the handles of bottles of spirits to use as makeshift knives, and even throwing full bottles at each other. Within seconds, defendants filled an already packed nightclub full of flying glass shrapnel.”

Eva Longoria’s ex-husband and San Antonia Spurs player Parker is already suing Greenhouse and WiP for $20 million, claiming he suffered a scratched retina that could affect his basketball career.

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