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Basketball legend Shaquille O’Neal and Fiancée Nicole Alexander break up

They’ve had their share of ups and downs, but it seems the love affair between basketball legend Shaquille O’Neal and Fiancée Nicole ‘Hoopz’ Alexander is finally over. The 7’1″ former NBA star and his 5’2″ girlfriend started dating back in 2010 when Shaq played for the Boston Celtics.
But on Friday Nicole confirmed to the Boston Globe that they’ve decided to call it quits. The couple lived together in the Boston area while O’Neal played for the Celtics.
Once he retired and began a career as a sports commentator they moved to Florida. Nicole, 29, was back in Boston with Shaq just a few weeks ago as he filmed scenes for Adam Sandler’s comedy sequel, Grown Ups 2, in which he plays a security guard.
 According to local media reports, the couple appeared to be going strong. But gossip site  reports 40-year-old O’Neal decided to pull the plug last week after the couple got into a heated argument in front of several children at a gymnastics training center in Orlando, Florida.

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