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Taiwan Minister:It is more hygenic for men to sit down while urinating

A Taiwan Minister on Tuesday said that is it more hygienic for men to sit down while urinating instead of standing up.Environmental Protection Administrator, Stephen Shen said it’s better to sit while urinating to create a cleaner environment.

Officials are to ask local governments this week to put up notices in public places advising men to sit.
Though this has caused a lot of debates, women favor the suggestion while men say it is going to be hard to get used to the new habit.

“We want to learn from Japan and Sweden,” said Yuan Shaw-Jing, EPA director general of environmental sanitation and toxic substance maintenance.

“In Japan, we heard 30% of the men sit,” he added.

Inspectors regularly grade Taiwan’s estimated 100,000 public toilets, with most of receiving high marks.

EPA officials say there is room for improvement, as some toilets are still smelly because of urine spatter.

While the agency said that it cannot force men to change their habits, it will ask local governments this week to put notices in public toilets with the suggestion.

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