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Invention: Nokia phone which runs on Coca Cola

We’ve heard of solar-powered phones, hydrogen-powered phones, and even wind-powered phones–but Chinese designer Daizi Zheng’s sustainable cellphone concept is powered by an unusual and unexpected source: Coca-Cola soda.

Designed for the Finnish brand Nokia, the Eco-Friendly cellphone runs on an innovative battery which makes use of enzymes to generate electricity from carbohydrates. The new mobile phone concept apart from harnessing clean energy from sugary drinks like Coke or Pepsi, which generates water and oxygen, also works about four times longer than contemporary lithium batteries on a single charge. Moreover, the handset is fully biodegradable.

‘I found that a phone battery as a power source is expensive,’ Daizi Zheng wrote on her website.

‘It consumes valuable resources on manufacturing, presenting a disposal problem and is harmful to the environment.’

‘This phone battery could be fully biodegradable,’ Ms Zheng said.

‘Meanwhile, it brings a whole new perception to batteries and afternoon tea.

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