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Vacancy: MTN

DEPARTMENT: Enterprise Solutions

•Develop relationship: Develop and build strategic relationships with intent to acquire clients within the SME market in the region
•Monitor & Maintain Relationship: Relate with key persons within organization as identified by the Business Solutions consultant and review/update client power maps. Monitor/attend client events in order to maintain excellent partnership-relationships with customers, based on trust and an in-depth understanding of the customer’s business.
•Evaluate relationship: Assess outcomes of relationship against objectives defined in Client Plan and review relationship strategy defined in Develop Relationship. Determine actions to take.
•Monitor Market: Monitor, analyze and report market trends in the region. copied from:
•Implement strategy: Operationalize and implement the national strategy within the regional environment. Assist in developing segment-specific value propositions and differentiated SME customer care. Optimize sales and penetration into key SME accounts within the region.
•Obtain invitation to bid/quote: Follow up on fulfillment of the sales process – from lead generation to bill delivery by receipt of tender documents, identification and assembly of key personnel to prepare for bid/tender. Indicate interest in tender.
•Oversee bid preparation: Analyze and evaluate tender document and ensure tender guidelines are adhered to. Also attend pre-bid meetings/site visits and work with Legal Services to ensure that all legal obligations are within Company capability and meet the regulatory requirements. Oversee the preparation and presentation of all sales and contractual documentation of the customer to the MTN standards.
•Negotiate & evaluate contract: Obtain notification of successful bid/quote and review bid/quote to confirm resource requirement. Work with legal representative to negotiate and evaluate contract terms in addition to obtaining customer order or confirmation of award of contract.
•Initiate & track supply/delivery: Communicate the contract award to all relevant parties. Liaise with project lead to initiate project planning and obtain progress updates on project delivery from Project Management (for projects) or on procurement and delivery from Logistics Management (for product sales). Manage ongoing communication with client.
•Reports: Prepare monthly report of Sector and team performance
•Targets/SLA’s: Ensure that regional targets and service levels are achieved
•Bill Management: Ensure effective management and delivery of SME customers’ bills within the sector
•Analyse the relevant industry continously to identify new prospects or opportunities for the SME sales department in the region.

JOB CONDITIONS: Standard MTNN working conditions. Occasional local travel as required
REPORTING TO: Senior Manager,Regional & SME

•First degree in Marketing or any other related discipline
•Masters degree in Sales or Marketing
•8 years work experience of which:
•4 years within the sales function of an FCMG environment
•Experience in a supervisory role
•Telecoms and business management experience will be an added advantage


First degree in Marketing or any other related discipline Masters degree in Sales or Marketing

DUE DATE: 9/26/2012


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