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Maltina Family Dance All 2012, Green family wins

As the 6th Season of the Maltina Family Dance All show  2012 comes to an end, the Green family from Port-Harcourt, Rivers State have emerged winners. The grand finale of the family dance show was filled with excitement. A  night of energy and emotions.

The five remaining families, Green, Efiokwu, Zibe, Boyle, Eghove families contested for the  first  place and the N6 million and a car attached to it.

The positions were announced thus:

1  Green family.

2   Efiokwu family.

3  Eghove family.

4   Zibe family.

5  Boyle family.

Green Family wins Maltina dance all season 6

Speaking about how the show has affected her family, Ziba Green said, “When we are at home, go to work, go to school, we don’t have time to come together to do things; though we have our family time, but for this show we’ve been together for one month, all of us in one room, we now know our dislikes and our likes.”

Ziba said about her family’s plan for the money that they will go back to Port-Harcourt, pay their tithe and invest the money in education and other ideas to move her family forward.

“I thank Maltina a lot for organizing this event, it’s really a good thing, it has helped us a lot”, Ziba said.

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