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Give us employment, electricity, security, Nigerians tell Jonathan

It is a New Year and many Nigerians are anticipating a better and more rewarding year than 2012 was. The clamour for an improved economy is evident in the demands of many Nigerians. In the light of this, the Nigerian Tribune conducted a Vox Pop on what Nigerians expect from the government in 2013. Doyin Adeoye brings the excerpts.

Owolabi Kazeem: There is need for change this year, in the aspect of job creation for unemployed graduates, provision and rehabilitation of infrastructure, tackling of the current issues of insecurity created by the Boko Haram insurgency and the eradication of kidnapping in Nigeria, which in a way have hindered investors from investing in the country.

Bolaji Maxwell: The government should be made open; it is high time Nigerians became involved in every aspect of the government. A man on the street should be able to explain what the figures of the budget are and how it is spent. Nigerian youths should be empowered and the education sector should be made better.

Auwalu Datti: We are expecting that the government would tackle the issues of insecurity, corruption and unemployment.

Awode Victorychapel: Nigerians want good governance to the people of this great nation.

Emmanuel Adeolu: The government should empower the Nigeria Police.

Akinpelu Afeez Owen: To empower the youth and the police and also encourage good governance.

Ismaila Suleiman: The Independent National Electoral Commission should form a two party system like what is obtainable in the United Kingdom, United States and other western countries. Corruption should be a past issue and the creation of job opportunities for the common Nigerians should be achieved. Also, removal of fuel subsidy and provision of social amenities should be among the benefits of the New Year.

Ogedengbe Muhammed Sikiru: The federal government should stop empty promises, deceptive policies and focus more on technological development so that Nigeria would be a producer nation, rather than a consumer. Also, there should be total eradication of dichotomy between Higher National Diploma (HND) and university degrees.

Adedeji Medinat Azeez: There should be decrease in fuel price.

Ahmed ‘captain Medlat’ Olatidoye: Although the government cannot provide all the needs of its citizens, but it is imperative for the government to provide adequate security and also improve the power sector so that there would be development of small and medium scale industries, which would reduce the dependency rates on the government for employment.

Agboola Sheriff Adeyemi: The price of petroleum products should be reduced.

Fisayo Ajibola: The government should focus more on youth empowerment and poverty eradication. Also security challenges should be tackled, infrastructural development should be the focal point of government programme and lastly, corruption must be wiped out from this country.

Akinniyi Oluwagbeyi: One paramount thing the governments must do is to sincerely desire to rule the nation with the fear of God. I pray for divine wisdom for the governments of this federation. Without this, all other human strategies cannot work, as they will end-up in futility. God bless Nigeria.

Stephen Ogbu: I expect more lies and empty promises from our leaders.

Olajolo Samuel: Petrol is an indispensable commodity in this nation, so preemptive measures should be taken to make sure that it is excessively available in the country at cheaper price. Also, the federal government should make intact and stalwart the security of this country and also base their total consideration on the masses in terms of social amenities.

Gbenga Gazzy Tiwalade: Nigerians want good and sound education.

Joseph Ugbodovon: I pray they would not increase the fuel price.

Ojuhardey Lakesyd: There should be total eradication of embezzlement.

Rosemary Abraham Elkanah: They should repair our roads and electricity.

Akon Taiwo: The government should work towards better electricity supply, good roads, sound education and full security.

Aigbe Isah: Good amenities should be made available to the citizens.

Ademola Segun Adesoji: Employment opportunities for Nigerian graduates.

Alatise Kazeem Ojo: Good governance, zero tolerance for corruption at all governmental levels, 100 per cent power supply, Nigerian refineries must function well enough so that we could have enough supply, employment and social amenities’ issues should be tackled.

Ify Arupuo: Frustration sets in when people are educated and could not get employed. Employment opportunities should be made available in all sectors.

Adedeji Adelusi: There should be improvement in areas such as the power sector, for stable electricity supply, education, health sector, good roads, job opportunities and so on.

Lawal Aminat: Nigeria definitely needs to get better, but it is just quite unfortunate that the common man has lost his voice. Nigeria is no more a nation for all, but rather for a few. The average Nigerian, the child on the street, the families in the slum and Nigerians at large should be involved in the nation’s government. Every individual’s need should be put into consideration and more youths should be involved in the decision making process of the country.

Obadare Tayo: Restoring the nation’s security should be the forerunner in the government’s agenda this new Year, more attention should be paid on the persistent surge of the Boko Haram sect.

source: Tribune

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