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Nassarawa State Governor,Umaru Al-Makura explains how he escaped death

The Nassarawa state Governor, Umaru Al-Makura, has revealed to the press how he almost died from misdiagnosis. Speaking to the press yesterday, Al-Makura said he had been diagnosed as suffering from arthritis and was receiving treatment in that regard but that when he went to the United Kingdom “it was subsequently discovered that the ailment was actually not arthritis”.

But by that time, the real ailment that he was suffering from had degenerated and affected the socket joint on his right hip for which he had to undergo surgery at a hospital in New Castle in the United Kingdom and to complete his healing, he is currently undergoing physiotherapy.

Al-Makura was clearing the air on his ailment in response to the charge by the State PDP Chairman, Yunana Iliya, who had disseminated information that the governor claims is false.
Yunana had alleged that the governor suffered from a hearing impediment and could therefore no longer function as governor urging the state House of Assembly to impeach him a charge which Al-Makura denied and called “immoral, inhuman and ungodly.”

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